Zodiac N Black, by Ben Spencer

Track Listing:
1) Bastinado
2) Better Off Dead
3) A Necessary Evil

Vocals Jad
Guitar Jim
Drums Luca
Bass Hank

Rating: 4.5/5

Taking the right time to recruit the right members in any band is a long but nonetheless worthwhile process. Zodiac N Black are based in London, UK who formed in back in 2008 and it wasn’t until two years later they that were ready to get the ball rolling and bust their music out to the masses. With the release of this three track EP followed by a debut album scheduled to for the summer 2011, it would appear these guys are eager to create some hard rock havoc.

‘Bastinado’ blasts into full swing with catchy guitar riffs, cathartic vocals and enough hooks to reel in the lochness monster. Versatile in direction, the quartet from London will have heads turning, nodding and banging before the first chorus kicks in.

Adding some funky guitar work into the intro of ‘Better off Dead’ the band slows things down as they enter a post-grunge terrain, with influences spanning from Buck Stone Cherry to Queens of The Stone Age. The bass grooves and quality-control drumming drive the song forward in its climactic ascent.

The closure of the record displays some of the band’s biggest riffs and eyebrow raising instrumentation, with some blues and southern- rock style solos that show just how far-reaching their influences are. These guys operate with calculation and ease, but ultimately it is their talent that will suck you in. Bring on the album and let the summer of 2011 shine for these guys.