You Me At Six + Tonight Alive + Black Foxxes @ Alexandra Palace, London

Date: 15. April 2017
Review and Photography: Billy Edmonds

Tonight, You Me At Six are back after their last massive show in the UK which sold out the Wembley Arena. This time bringing along two rather new acts to brace this incredible venue, the Alexandra Palace. The outside queue is absolutely insane, with it spreading around the outside block twice. This tour comes after the release of their 5th studio album Night People. As soon as the doors open, a flood of fans that have been outside since the ungodly hours of this morning rush to the barrier, and stick tightly.

Black Foxxes

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I saw these guys were on the line up. Their music is a little slow compared to that of the other two bands on tonight’s bill. The bands movements reflect the music, in my opinion, very slow and nearly lifeless. What they lack in movement they more than make up for in sound. As they open with “Husk”, the room is being lit pretty much entirely from the outside light. Adding a pretty cool effect to the room. Although not many people knew who these guys where when they walked in, it seems that they are getting quite a strong fanbase throughout this show.

DSC_3999 DSC_4038
The incredible melodic vocals and guitars are pieced together like a puzzle. The only way I can describe the sound is a mixture of Loney the Brave and Band of Horses. Although the music is slow, the crowd seems to really be enjoying themselves. Albeit for me, not the perfect “warm up band” As their songs are rather slow, but that doesn’t stop them being great. As they close their set, it’s clear that they have made a few fans tonight – myself included!
Tonight Alive

One of few female led bands on the scene within today’s age. Tonight Alive are no strangers to the music scene, after catching their main break when they got to feature on “The Amazing Spiderman 2”. It’s a lot to live up to being a woman in the rock and metal scene at the moment, with it being a largely male-led scene, Its fantastic to see women like Jenna (lead vocals) be able to take such a large stage by the balls and play it exactly how she wants. As soon as Tonight Alive join the stage, it’s quite quickly noticeable that they know what they’re doing and how to control a crowd.


Opening with one of their newer songs “How Does It Feel?”, it’s the perfect way to get the crowd properly hyped for You Me At Six. Jenna’s vocal skills live are something that many women would be incredibly jealous of, It takes some immense talent to be able to not only  sing live, but also be able to have the stage presence that Jenna does.

DSC_4114 DSC_4206 DSC_4212

As they go into the third song “To Be Free”, I was interested to see how the crowd would react. I had been reading online recently that this song has had some dramatic flows to it and that it’s taken the band from a pop-punk route straight into the pop culture.
I was really pleased to see that people were enjoying it, and the immersive setting of the Alexandria Palace really help to add to the ecstatic of the show.

Overall, If you get a chance to see these guys, definitely do so. They are more than worth it!

You Me At Six

The band everyone has been dying to see, The room is packed to the rafters; Its almost impossible to believe that this isn’t a sold out show, with the amount of people who have come to see the guys play tonight. You Me At Six are not exactly known for their stage shows, but tonight they have brought all the fire, thunder and pyro they could cram onto the stage. Opening with the debut from the new album, “Night People”, the red stage opens into a mass of intensity. The security tonight clearly wasn’t expecting such carnage  from a band like You Me At Six. As they commence their show, the room erupts into a mass of people jumping up and down. I suspect if standing outside the venue right now, you could probably feel the floor moving with the amount of people jumping up and down.  Although this is the 30th show on this tour, You Me At Six are clearly not lacking energy. Josh’s voice is really on point tonight, despite the occasional cough and rather croaky voice.

DSC_4314 DSC_4355 DSC_4422
As the night continues, so does the mayhem. Halfway through the set with “Save It For The Bedroom”, Josh calls upon the crowd for people to get over the barrier and high-five him, much to the dismay of the security who continually try and stop this from happening. So much so, that Josh stops everything and tells them to stop, stopping them from high-fiving him. After this, and once they do stop stopping people, the night continues with the incredible set, moving almost straight into “No One Does It Better” and “Cold Night”.

You Me at Six finish the first half of the show on “Take On the World”. Personally, I found this to be a little bit of a weird choice, proper slow but it seemed to work pretty well!


For the encore, I felt the opening to it was a bit too rushed, with Josh just saying to the others “Just F*ck it up!”, and fully loading straight into “Lived A Lie”. This song has really been catching on with more than just the metal scene recently (I’m putting it down to it’s newfound fame on Guitar Hero!)

As they finish the show with “Room To Breathe”, the stage is lit up once more by a immense amount of pyro, and with a very tired You Me At Six, taking the last bow of the Night People tour. It was an incredible end to an immense tour. The next time You Me At Six tour, If you don’t get tickets, you’d be a fool!

1. Night People
2. Underdog
3. Loverboy
4. Stay With Me
5. The Swarm
6. Spell It Out
7. Bite My Tongue
8. Swear
9. Fresh Start Fever
10. Heavy Soul
11. Reckless
12. Save It For The Bedroom
13. No One Does It Better
14. Cold Night
15. Brand New
16. Take On The World

17. Lived A Lie
18. Give
19. Room to Breathe