Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Communicating Vessels
Distributor/label URL: http://communicatingvessels.net/
Released: 2014
Buy album [UTL]: http://communicatingvessels.net/store/
Band website: http://communicatingvessels.net/category/wray/

Band line-up:

David Brown – Bass/Vocals
David Swatzell – Guitar/Vocals
Blake Wimberly – Drums


1. Blood Moon
2. Apacheria
3. Swells
4. May 15
5. Graved
6. Bad Heart
7. Relative


If you check Wray’s Facebook page, you’ll see they call themselves a “power gaze” band. Honestly, I can’t hear anything in it much different from your average shoegaze band, let alone “power”.

They also think that being repetitive is an asset, as if giving them a characteristic, familiar sound. But my brain gets pretty confused when listening to the same thing over and over, or almost the same thing. It’s not like these seven songs are Xeroxes of each other, but when you reach the end of the album, all you remember is a blur of echoed vocals and a basic rhythmic pattern playing on a loop, which is the mainframe of all tracks. Meaning whatever distinctive details they might have, those details are too weak to make an impression and you can’t tell the difference between the songs.

Maybe you’ll remember “Blood Moon”, as it starts in fade-in mode and finishes with the guitar solo being cut off abruptly. Or “May 15”, which is 7:15 minutes long but from minute 2:09 on, the aforementioned pattern-on-a-loop kicks in and goes on like that for the remaining 5:06 minutes. You’ll either enter in a trance state and feel spectacular, or you’ll get bored soon enough and jump to the next track. A track that, in opposition, plays for barely two and a half minutes, but it’s also almost instrumental. However, the melody on this “Graved” actually sounds somewhat different. Too bad it happens on the shortest track.

Wray released a video for the last song “Relative” – go watch/listen to it on Youtube and you’ll pretty much listen to the whole album.

Review by Renata Lino