Worry Blast Interview with Mat Petrucci

Interview by Sabrina Selkis

It had to be done and here it is. After a very strong performance last month supporting Nashville Pussy in London, it would have been a shame not to get to know better the Swiss band Worry Blast. Mat Petrucci was kind enough to take some time out of his busy tour schedule to answer a few questions:

What a great performance in London a few weeks back, how are you feeling about it?

We did 3 shows with Nashville Pussy in UK during the tour and the one in London was the best so far. Great audience, s great welcoming and great place! A Nice souvenir for us!

Touring with Nashville Pussy must have been a great experience,what have you learn from it?

We learned to drink too much 😉 We had party every night and as it was our very first real tour. We know now that’s really what we wanna do all our life! You don’t need to be the most professional, you simply need to have fun doing what you love to do !


*Which venue/city/country has been the most “Rock&roll” so far?

I think France will be our best moment. All the shows in France were fast full and the public was always crazy! We met so many people and had such great evenings there!

But the best shows was the last one at Betizfest in Cambrai, in front of over 1,500 people!

In 2013, your first album “Break Out Of Hell” was acclaimed by the press and fans and you did some pretty impressive touring support slots, can you tell us your best 3 moments?

The best one was at Arena in Geneva last year when we opened for Johnny Hallyday, the most famous French icon. We played for 10, 000 rockers and had so much fun and stress !

Another one was with Scorpions and Gotthard, it was great to drink wine with Nic Maeder and share stories with him!

Lastly, I think our release party. It was amazing to see over 500 People coming only for us! It’s always a pleasure to see people loving your Music !


And some less favourite moments?

I think the 2 other shows in UK during this tour. It was strange, small venues with not so much public. Not organized well.

Your band is compared to AC/DC quite often,how do you feel about it? What other comparisons (or none) would you like to hear?

It’s always a gratification to be compared to the biggest in the world, no ? 😉

We’re compared to Airbourne, Krokus, and that’s a good thing for us! But for now we’ll always try to find our own way!

Your second album “Hit The Gas” came out earlier this year in January 2016.How was it to do a follow up to the successful first CD?

We already sold all the copies we pressed, so that’s a good thing! This album has sold all around the world, and 1 week ago Japan just released it too! That’s amazing for a young band such as ours !

What’s in store for this year? Any news you can share with us?

We’re trying to get important opening slots here in Switzerland, and maybe get another tour with NP, who knows? We do our best to play as much as possible. We hope to come back in Europe soon ! We have some great festivals and venues coming, but at the moment only in Switzerland!

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