World Zombie Day London 2014

Date: 11th October 2014
Location: London
Photos and Review by Steve Salmon and Claudia Bauch

World Zombie Day takes place every year in October, but not just in London, it’s an event which is held all over the world including New York, Pittsburgh, Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Tokyo.

World Zombie Day 2014
The main aim of this event is to raise awareness for hunger and homeless people and all takings of the London Zombie Walk are given to St. Mungo’s Broadway, a charity, that provides bed and support to more than 2.500 people a night and which helps over 25.000 people each year.

World Zombie Day 2014
We arrived at Leake Street, the official zombie meet up point, just before 1pm and within a very short time the whole street was filled with hundreds of people, dressed in the most creative zombie outfits. Every year it surprises me over and over again, just how creative people are when it comes to their outfits.

By 2pm, nearly 1500  zombies started to move and we made our way, groaning and shambling, over Waterloo Bridge towards Embankment. Once we arrived at Embankment we took a little break, posed for photos with tourists and photographers and topped up on important essentials like food and drink. Whenever the opportunity arose, we were “scaring” un-expected tourists and shoppers, “attacking” cars and buses and gave a zombie greeting to lots of local businesses and restaurants.

World Zombie Day 2014
From Embankment, the zombie horde moved on to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, before arriving at our final stop at Oxford Circus. During the whole afternoon, we were on our best zombie behaviour, chasing tourists, photographers and shoppers, posing for photos and dancing our famous zombie conga supported by a band of zombie drummers.

World Zombie Day 2014
After the zombie walk, we had the choice to go home or join a horde of zombies at the “Club 100” for the “Zombie After Party”. Every year, the “After Party” offers lots of different live bands, playing Ska, Punk and Rock Music.

The World Zombie Day is a fun day out for the whole family. You are “allowed” to scare people, together with your friends and family while doing something for charity, which makes it a perfect event in our eyes.

If you’ve not attending one of these events yet, we’d definitely recommend going next year!