Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Sacrilege Records
Released: 2014
Buy Album: http://www.sacrilegerecords.com
Band Website: http://www.official-woodtemple.com


Aramath – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Rob Darken – Bass


1. Intro
2. Forgotten Pride
3. Sign of the Sun
4. So Far Away
5. Eternal Silence
6. Outro



Founded at the end of the XX century, the Austrian pagan/folk black metal project Woodtemple have released the fifth record “Forgotten Pride”, via Sacrilege Records, with the particularity of having Graveland’s Rob Darken playing the bass lines.

It’s understood since the intro’s first seconds that this new album is all about epic soundscapes due to the celestial arrangements that are well-known within the genre Woodtemple portraits. The vocals are essentially comprised by some sort of crow grunts which represent the nights and forests of the eastern side of Europe. Even so, we can hear some yells of war in moments of climax – like in the title-track – or ancestral chants sung in clean vocals – like in the track “So Far Away”.

The electric guitar works a lot like a filler remaining sometimes in the background. The choirs, delivered by the keyboard, are the main core and body of the songs that transport us into the melancholy of old times that cannot be forgotten, in spite of the album title suggests otherwise – perhaps acting as a critic to the modern era. Another aspect that makes the sound more forestry is the constant using of acoustic guitars which give to us Woodtemple’s folk emphasis, without forgetting, of course, some flutes like in the final part of “Sign Of The Sun”. Regarding the drum department, it’s not just about fastness and black metal blast beats, but it’s a lot about dynamics featuring various drumming rolls exploring the instrument to its depth.

Overall, Woodtemple’s “Forgotten Pride” is not a new breeze and I’m afraid it lacks some variety and new blood originality. However, it’s a nice record for specific fans like the ones who follow bands such as Graveland.