WolfCop – Movie Review

Year – 2014
Production Company: Echolands Creative Group
Country: Canada
Writer: Lowell Dean
Director: Lowell Dean
Cast: Leo Fafard – Lou Garou, Amy Matysio – Tina, Jonathon Cherry – Willie Higgins, Sarah Lind – Jessica
Rating: 4/5

There are a plethora of horror-comedy-hybrid-indie-B-movies out there is you have the taste for high concepts and exaggerated performances. I used to be sent three new releases a week to review, and nine times out of ten they were awful, but when you do stumble across a gem it can easily become one of your most loved movies for years to come.

With a title like WolfCop, you can’t help but want to love Dean’s B-movie about a drunk, miserable cop who (yep) becomes a werewolf.

Fafard as Lou Garou - WolfCop
Fafard as Lou Garou – WolfCop

B-movies and indie horrors are a huge endeavor and take an unspoken amount of creativity, skills and effort; mostly because the concept is often the equivalent to a multi-million dollar movie, but has to be executed for a thousand dollar budget. So, Dean relies heavily on his actors, his own script and some divisive special effects.

And it works.

WolfCop gets to horror element right, but definitely leans more towards comedy. The small-town group of cops and locals are glowing clichés, but the film isn’t attempting any ground-breaking feats. Dean leaps into the main event almost instantly, after the obligatory scenes establishing Lou Garou as a hungover mess who hates his job.

What follow is a genuinely funny script that’s faithful to the great B-movies and horror-comedies before it – pure entertainment and totally bizarre. I was in complete glee watching Fafard in full wolf regalia, beating up bad guys in a ripped cop uniform. The plot goes on to reveal that WolfCop’s strength and stamina are actually enhanced when he drinks alcohol, which I also thought was a great touch.


The humour is reinforced by Cherry’s sidekick character, Willie, who is often standing in the shot, preparing for a zinger of a one-liner.

What I really admire about Dean’s film are the details. It’s the kind of film you could come back to again and notice the odd line in the script or perfect sound effect you hadn’t before, which just makes the experience even better. On that note, the overall soundscape and soundtrack are really well done, and the soundtrack choices create a perfect atmosphere.

As always, the disappointment is, of course, the female characters, who in this case are portrayed as the slut/hag and the bitch. They don’t get enough screen time and are just attractive plot developers. This is nothing new, but there’s still no excuse for it.

WolfCop isn’t for everyone, but if your initial reaction to the title is a positive one, I totally recommend it. It’s the ideal movie to watch with a group of friends, and you’re guaranteed to be HOWLING with laughter throughout.

Yeah, I went there.

WolfCop Poster 2014
WolfCop Poster 2014

It also has a completely kickass poster which I would happily hang on my wall!