Winds of Plague – Resistance by Connor Flello

Distributor/label: Century Media
Released: November 4th 2013

Band line-up:
Jonathan Cooke – vocals
Nick Eash – guitar
Andrew Glover – bass
Nick Piunno – guitar
Alana Potocnik – keyboard
Brandon Galindo – drums

Album Track listing:
1. Open The Gates
2. Say Hello To The Undertaker
3. Sewer Mouth
4. Left For Dead
5. One Foot In The Grave
6. Time To Reap
7. United Through Hatred
8. Good Ol’ Fashion Bloodbath
9. No Man Is My Master
10. Snake Eyes

Deathcore is a marmite genre, either you love it or you hate it. Winds of Plague attempt to fulfil your promise of something heavy in their third release “Resistance” but as they deliver their promise on making an album brutal, they sacrifice predictability and originality in the process.

‘Open the Gates’ opens the album, and cue the piano and strings. It’s all been done before and was something I was expecting before the repetitive chugging from Nick Piunno and Nick Eash on guitar. In all honesty I’ve heard as much chugging in a Crown the Empire release and this is before the band attempt to go into a heavy groove style that heavily mirrors Motionless in White, and the band fall at the first hurdle.

The song titles don’t do the band a favour either, often silly and trying to sound really heavy. “Say Hello to the Undertaker” tries once again to be heavy, but the Motionless in White feel is still there and the rather pointless keyboard to make it sound more melodic sounds more struggling than a beached whale.

“Left for Dead” offers some sort of hope but then it’s just peppered in breakdowns throughout the whole song, even “One Foot in the Grave” almost offers something before Jonathan Cooke starts shouting “I’ve already got one more foot in the grave/but I won’t fucking die”. This is the point where Motionless in White, I mean, Winds of Plague, start to be boring. The whole latter path is just consistent with tiresome riffs and predictability; “United through Hatred” is a hardcore song that is ultimately a whole breakdown besides the whole picking pattern and the drums doing a good job at trying to give you the energy to rock out. That’s the problem, it’s not there.

“No Man is my Master” sounds like something Anonymous would say but when Winds of Plague play it you have a need to want to fall asleep at this point. With “Snake Eyes” clocking up at six minutes and 22 seconds, I just wanted it to be over. Just please be over, I can tell when the breakdown are happening, when every fill is about to played and the whole structure within a few seconds.

Deathcore is certainly a marmite genre, and Winds of Plague are definitely marmite, and right in the thick of it. Maybe in their next release they can make it unpredictable whilst retaining the heaviness and slick production saves it. Maybe Motionless in White’s next release will be a bit more upbeat. I’m sorry, I meant Winds of Plague.