Rating : 3/5
Distributor : Prosthetic Records
Distributor website :  http://prostheticrecords.com/
Released : 2014
Buy album : http://whitearms.com/store
Band website : http://whitearms.com/



Josh Everett : vocals
Andrew Swinson : guitars
Colin McDonnell : guitars
Tom Sifuentes : bass
Austin Rupp : drums

  1. Truth, The Greatest Lie Ever Told
  2. Heavy Sleep
  3. On The Edge
  4. Time Is Nothing (Or Maybe Just One Thing)
  5. This Transition
  6. Manifest; Withdrawal
  7. Participating In and Awakening To The Cycle
  8. The “I”



This is a beautiful name of a band, and of a record. Could have been a winner title of a literature prize. White Arms of Athena. Well you get it, it’s the name of an ambition. A prog rock one. The quintet guys from Texas surely meant for their somophore effort to create a big sound, after Astrodrama. Full of guitars, atmospherics, stories, identities, all mixed and produced by no other than Kurt Ballou, acclaimed producer and Converge guitarist.

The tracks unveil but not one is quite like the other. The opener, smartly untitled Truth, The Greatest Lie Ever Told, is surprisingly hippy-ish, could almost be a music to practice your daily yoga routine. An incantation to the mighty goddess of justice maybe.

Then onto the thick of the progressive it: Heavy Sleep, main title of the album, heavy, tortured, distorted, like a bad dream. A bit long but that’s probably done on purpose to take you down that disturbing scary road.

This Transition starts will a long 5-minute noisy apocalyptic intro before the vocals kick in a dramatic way and the heavier side comes back with clear singing and growling parts in a harmonious yet unbalanced manner.

So that’s what the record is like, a mix of cool long atmospheric sound and a very heavy riff based songs with lengthy solos. You think Genesis Peter Gabriel era.  But you have to be patient, and tolerant. For this is  messed-up theatrical, disturbed, subtlely rich with various ambiances, as portrayed by the mysterious creature gracing the cover art designed by Luis C. Garcia.

Review by Fatiha Zeghir