S & feMme presents WHIPPING THE VELVETS by Jo Blackened

11th September at 21:00 – 03:00
@ Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, UK

Hosted by Violet and Ruby Starr
Review & Photography by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

Tonight saw the official launch night of Whipping the Velvets new fetish/BDSM night.
I have to say after hearing about it all month, doing the flyer photography for the club and seeing who was booked I was really looking forward to this night.
Despite the night being aimed for gay/bi or just sexually curio’s women it was agreed last minute that men could attend, as long as they are in the company of women.

It was stated there would be:
– a fully equipped dungeon with house dommes
– cabaret, theatre and bands
– dirty dancefloor
– couples area
– free giveaways
– best dressed competition
+ more!

The idea was to encourage drag kings, corsets, victoriana, leather cocks, steampunk, ladies and gentlemen in all their glory with a strong Fetish/kinky/alternative dress code enforced, to which I can say was met!

On arrival to the venue I was shocked at just how small the venue was, but with great lighting, heavy drapes & dungeon equipment in sight it gave the venue a nice comfortable feel, as if you were in someones living room.

The Bar was small and pricey with lack of alcohol goodness but as long as they had vodka I knew all would be cool! There was a seated smoking area outside which most ppl stayed through out the night and after sitting down with a drink or two I knew it was time for a wonder to see what wonderful things I could find in the ‘private – women only’ area!


After climbing a small flight of stairs I saw an open room with a wire cage, stocks, ropes & various other contraptions but with most of the guests happy chilling out on the sofa’s I knew it would take more than a few drinks to get these girls in the mood!

I soon grabbed a friend of mine & threw her in the cage, to the amusement of the guests while the hosts of the evening Violet and Ruby Starr demonstrated their bondage rope tricks. This set the mood for the evening!

Before we could get comfortable it was time for the first act…

First Act was the Band: Grimhild; A London based ExperiMETAL/Hard Rock/Post-Sex band with members
AMY MORGAN – Vocals/ KEN LIU – Guitar/Samples/Keys/Computer Geek
TERRY CLIFTLANDS – Bass/Guitar/Production/
JAKE LIBRETTO – Drums/Guitar/
ANDY BOND – Guitar/Keys/Clarinet/Sax/Accordion/Mandolin/

Their make up & outfits were amazing, with great stage presence! Amy looked amazing & I am always amazed with how strong her voice is. I’ve worked with these guys before on Nocturnal Dance @ The Fox & Firkin LINK (……………..) so I was pleased to see them again.

Their set was strong & they played tight.
Amy kept the audience’s attention throughout with her sexy moves using her dance background moving off the stage & eventually onto the dance floor!
This was a great opening act & the audience loved them.










Keeping the music going in-between the performances & bands was the awesome Amanda Mae Gonzo Steele. A cabaret performer herself it was good to see her behind the decks playing the best from Goth/Electro/Industrial which fit in well with the setting of the venue.

The second act on tonight was the stunning Celestia Knight.
She’s a well established performer with over five years experience in Burlesque, Cabaret, Vaudeville, performance art, acting, cage-dancing & modelling. She is also the founder of the London based burlesque troupe called the ‘Circus of Satan’ so it was no surprise she took to the stage with great stage presence & confidence.

With the music playing she performed a seductive strip tease using the stage well with the audience engaged the whole time.
With a lot of encouragement from the crowd & a great applause towards the end of the show!

After this I was expecting another band but there seemed to be a long pause before the next act took to the stage.
The audience calmed down & the energy lowered.
I feel there should have been more entertainment to keep the guests entertained & the energy high but it was soon time for the next act.

Finally Sophia Disgrace took to the stage.
I’ve shot Sophia many times, with personal bookings & seeing her perform at Nocturnal Dance I know how funny her acts can be. Very individual & sometimes shocking I was looking forward to seeing what she had come up with for tonight.

Expecting Sophia to be wearing something sexy & seductive she instead took to the stage wearing a suit, bowler hat & a fake moustache!
Her act was hysterical! Using a laptop she played the roll of the average business man, after taking a few notes she obviously decided she had enough and decided to take centre stage & rip off the hat, moustache and most of her clothes!

Many cheers could be heard after this & she was most definitely the most creative act of the night! After teasing the crowd she finally ripped off her top to show the crowd the full view of her topless with no feather stickers to hide her and the audience loved her!

The crowed picked up & with Amanda on decks I saw some of my friends wanting to dance.

The only issue I had with the venue set up was there was a giant bondage cross smack bang in the middle of the dance-floor to which some of my friends were having a little moan about.
The dance floor may have benefited from moving this & maybe hiring some pole dancers to keep the energy flowing down stairs, as it tended to feel empty between the performers, this may have encouraged more people to take to the dance floor too! When you have a pole you in the centre of the room you expect to see some pole dancers, although towards the end of the night a few drunken girls were happy to take to the pole & show the crowd what they have!

I also think the venue should have been ‘women only’ there are many club fetish nights in London that cater for both sexes but feel the guests may have been more at ease knowing it was strictly for gay/bi women only as I feel the dungeon equipment may have been more in use.

I do hope this night becomes a regular event for the gay/bi women community as I think with a bit of tweaking the nights could be very successful!