Weep – Never Ever by Ian Fford

Label: Projekt
Release date: 2008

When I first put this CD on, my first impression was that the recording quality was absolutely terrible. I was shocked that guys with all the resources that they have could put out a CD that sounds like this.
However, by the time I got through the first song I realized that it wasn’t poor recording quality; it was a back to basics kind of style that we just aren’t used to in the darkwave scene. All of the recordings we hear are so slick and loud and polished that when we do hear something with a much more organic quality it is shocking in its simplicity.

Weep describes themselves as a Shoegazer Gothic Rock band and it harkens back to the old days of Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and even a little Switchblade Symphony thrown in for good measure. It is gothic rock music at its finest and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Never Ever starts strong with Lay Down and Drown. I absolutely love this song; it is the epitome of why I love gothic music in the first place. The guitars have this mournful, wailing quality to them; and the lines arent particularly complicated but it grabs you immediately.

The keyboards have almost a frantic anxiety to them and compliment the mournful quality of the guitars perfectly. Once the vocals start the mood of the song is already set; and the lyrics do not disappoint. They express the disillusion of growing older and realizing that life is not what you first thought it was going to be. Its a song full of casual self-doubt and a reluctant perseverance to continue to try to live a life without quiet desperation.

The Hole is an up-tempo reminder of the 80s era Cure before Robert Smith became affectionately known as Fat Bob. Ever Shy is another great catchy song with a chorus that just makes you want to get up and dance shamelessly alone in your living room with your cats.

Never Ever only has 8 songs on it, which I think technically makes it an EP or maybe just a really short album. Either way, Weep has gone for quality over quantity on this record and it is a very refreshing change from the homogenized, cookie cutter industrial aggrotek that is gaining popularity lately.