Wednesday 13 – The Dixie Dead by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: DevCo/Cargo
Released: 2013
Band Website:

Album line-up:
Wednesday 13 – Vocals
Roman Surman- Guitar
Jack Tankersley- Guitar
Troy Doebbler- Bass
Jason ‘Shakes’ West- Drums

Album Tracklisting:
Death Arise – Intro
Blood Sucker
Get Your Grave On
Curse The Living
Too Fast For Blood
Hail Ming
Coming Attractions
The Dixie Dead
Ghost Stories
Fuck You (In Memory Of…)
Carol Anne… They’re Here
Hands Of The Ripper
Death Arise – Overture

Is it really almost a decade since Wednesday 13’s first solo album? He always feels like one of those perpetually young ghosts alla Casper, yet just a few short months ago marked his 20th year in the business. Maybe he truly is undead – or even more talented with a makeup brush than believed.

As this is the only year with a 13 in it in our lifetime, it’s unsurprising that Wednesday has been quick to dub it ‘Wednesday 2013’. It suggests we’ll be seeing more of him over the coming months, and new album The Dixie Dead, with 13 tracks natch, is a good starting point. Pushing the lid off the same crypt as Skeletons, The Dixie Dead takes up that darker and heavier zombie shuffle that makes the glam of Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (FDQP13), and to a lesser extent previous album ‘Fang Bang’ seem like the Scooby Doo squad.

It’s horror punk – although there’s not much of the p left in Wednesday’s work – for a modern audience, which is so desensitised it probably wouldn’t mind if the album came with a weapon and instructions for use. Hence the Frankenstein riffs of ‘Too Fast For Blood’, which sounds like a parody of the Motley Crue classic, but aside from a similar chorus structure is clearly a much more vicious beast, and ‘Get Your Grave On’.

Playing out like a particularly clichéd trailer for a camp B movie ‘Coming Attractions’ would have been a perfect opening song, as opposed to resigned to the interlude. ‘Ghost Stories’ is kind of a combination of FDQP13’s ‘Scary Song’ and ‘Skeletons’ (which it borrows heavily from musically) of the same-named album. Filled of I-hate-you pettiness, and a nod to ‘Bad Things’, ‘Fuck You (In Memory Of…) isn’t remotely clever but it could be a ballad for the fucked-over. Which is all of us at some time or another.

The going-to-war song of an alien race ‘Hail Ming’ doesn’t work as well as it could, as Wednesday taking the conquerors point of view isn’t as good a fit as him commenting from Earth’s perspective. Anyway I’m not sure it’s the best idea for aliens to go along singing about their plans for domination. I mean we might have time to counter such an eventuality with this type of information. Remember we have a Will Smith and we’re not afraid to use him.

Although there’s a pang for the nonsensical fun of FDQP13, The Dixie Dead is probably the closest Wednesday 13 has come yet to actually scaring anyone. The man himself has said “when someone thinks about horror punk, I want them to always think about Wednesday 13” – well I think that’s pretty much a given already. More importantly The Dixie Dead might just be the solo album that can keep the restless ghosts of Wednesday’s cult past works quiet.