We Came As Romans, Miss May I @ Underworld, Camden

28th April 2011
Review by Ben Spencer, Photography by Michelle Murphy Having waited outside the venue for over an hour, surrounded by an over excited late- teenage queue, the doors to Camden Underworld opened as fans struggled to drink the remainder of their canned beer.

Once inside the lights dimmed down within minutes as This or The Apocalypse entered the stage. Launching into their first song without delay, these guys did not seemed phased by the fact that the room was only half packed.

Combining elements of metal core and the more experimental elements that have been done before, but never quite done in this way, their set was full of interesting time signatures and tech moments that put these guys ahead of their contemporaries.


Influences of Misery Signals and Periphery laced together with a terrific stage presence set the ball rolling for tonight’s show. Both guitarists oscillated between playing fast and furious riffs and providing worthwhile backing vocals, adding an extra dimension to their already eye catching performance. As their set persevered the room become more filled with music hungry war mongers who without deliberation conjured up the first of tonight’s many mosh pits. The closure of their set saw the front man Ricky Armellino standing erect, amongst the crowds, screaming into the mic with enough passion to merit any pain felt by the fans that carried him.

The second act of the night saw The Word Alive kick tearing into a set of loyal screaming fans who sung lyrics back to them. Combing the same metallic crunch of bands like As I Lay Dying along with some interesting keyboard work, these guys had the crowds surfing and the room bouncing with their electric energy.

Flagship tracks such as ‘2012’ and ‘The Wretched’ set the entire room jumping as if the floor beneath them had turned to burning coal. Recognising their more euphoric synth induced tendencies this is one band who knew how to get the party started.


Having already passed through two very different, yet credible bands, Miss May I had a lot to live up to.


Taking centre stage the band blasted away their hybrid of metal and post- hardcore in a manner that harked back to More than a thousand and A Day To Remember. The singer’s throat tearing screams pierced through the bone crunching bass and drums, whilst their guitar intricacies left some room for the band’s highest and downright filthiest riffs to prevail, ‘Monument’ (the second album’s title track being a being a fine example of this). Energetic and weighty, the velocity of the Ohio quintet smash like a battering ram into a gigantic church bell, reverberating a deafening echo that will leave your body shaking and your ears bleeding!




Topping tonight’s bill of metalcore mayhem, We Came As Romans stormed through their set carrying with them, growling metal that matches the same standard as Parkway drive while retaining a symphonic rock beat that ties together with clean vocals reminiscent of Dallas Taylor.


Blissful and beast-like these guys kept the crowd where they need to be as both singers battle for supremacy in tonight’s hardcore arena. Miss20May20I

Unafraid to explore different avenues within their sound, they packed a punch that hit harder than the other bands. Raising the bar beyond prior expectations, their emotive choruses, cathartic heaviness and electronic beats lamented some of tonight’s most favourable highlights. A band that has this much to offer is not only hard to resist, but are also impossible not to admire.