We Are Cold Steel

Author: Rick Brindle
Publisher: Self Published
Number of Pages: 
Cover design:
Released: 2017
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Rating 4/5
Review by Andrew Risch

After playing the most successful concert of their careers, the members of Cold Steel just want a little rest and relaxation before they start to record their next album.  The Heavy Metal supergroup soon finds their recording efforts being sabotaged by the owner of the recording studio who has a vendetta against the band.  And that’s the least of their troubles.

The lead signer loves the ladies often landing himself in trouble because of his troubles, the bass player is a nature loving hippy, the drummer seems to get no respect, and the guitar players?  They HATE each other.


Johnny Faslane, the group’s manager not only has to deal with the bands conflicting and explosive personalities but also, reporters trying to break up the band, rival bands trying to sabotage Cold Steel’s reputation, drug kingpins and the occasional shell-shocked solider.

Can Johnny get the group to record and release the album and keep the tour on schedule?

Author Rick Brindle does a fantastic job with his story telling that will make this a page turner for many readers.  You can really feel his love for all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal without it feeling forced.  Brindle is a true (Troo?) metalhead.eCover-ColdSteelRocks-Large

We are Cold Steel is the second book in a series following it’s predecessor, “Cold Steel on the Rocks.”  Don’t worry if this is your first exposure to the world of Cold Steel as you need not to have read the first book to enjoy this one.

If you have been looking for a good book to read and enjoy the likes of Spinal Tap and Dethklok, this book is for you.

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