Wardruna has enchanted their audience across the world with their two mesmerizing releases “Gap var Ginnunga” and “Yggrasil” from the Runaljod trilogy. The band is also known for their unique live performances and Wardruna’s music can now be heard on the successful History Channel TV-series “Vikings”.
Their two albums “Runaljod – gap var Ginnunga” and “Runaljod – Yggdrasil” are available on all formats at wardruna.indierecordings.no

Wardruna as the winner of the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards for Best Underground Band yesterday! Click HERE for more info at Metal Hammer.

Enslaved and Wardruna to perform the premiere of “Skuggsjá “ at Eidsivablot in Eidsvol this September!

“This year we celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution all over Norway. Norwegian metal has developed from rebellion into a highly acclaimed artistic expression of a complex music genre under our constitutional right to freedom of speech and Saturday, September 13th, the anniversary will end at Eidsvoll. Eidsivablot will be an open-air all day event where we will honour Norways Norse history with ancient Norwegian sounds and music, true Norse extreme metal, photo exhibitions and guided tours to the viking graves.

Eidsivablot present: Skuggsjá ­ The sound of Norway`s Norse history. It is with great pleasure we present Skuggsjá. A commissioned work to be performed by Enslaved and Wardruna on September 13th 2014 at Eidsvoll, Norway.

Photo by Sebastian Ludvigsen.
Photo by Sebastian Ludvigsen.

The piece is written for the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, and will be performed at Eidsivablot. Besides the performance of Skuggsjá there will also be full concerts by Enslaved and Wardruna.

Skuggsjá translates into mirror or reflection in the Norse language, and the piece is composed by Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik. Selvik is known as the composer behind the Norse-folk band Wardruna, while Bjørnson is known as the composer of the acclaimed metal band Enslaved. Skuggsjá is a work that not only contextualizes the harder music’s role in the democracy in Norway in 2014, but also pull threads from our ancient musical history and to the harder music’s position as perhaps Norway`s most important cultural export.

By highlighting ideas, traditions and instruments of our Norse past, we will tell the history of Norway and reflect most relevant aspects from the past into our own present time. In light of this we will reflect on ourselves as a people and nation. In a magnificent tapestry of metal instrumentation and a wide variety of Norway and Scandinavia’s oldest instruments, and poetry in Proto-Scandinavian, Norse and Norwegian, Skuggsjà will musically as well as lyrically be a fusion between past and present.

We are thrilled to see and hear two of the most genuine artists of Norway meet at Eidsvoll to premiere Skuggsjá. With our constitutional building as a backdrop, this will no doubt be a historic day.”



Saturday, September 13th / 13:00 – 23:00

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