Warcrab – Scars Of Aeons

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/Label: Transcending Obscurity
Distributor/Label URL: https://transcendingobscurity.bandcamp.com
Released: 2016
Buy Album URL: https://warcrabuk.bandcamp.com/album/scars-of-aeons-death-sludge-monstrosity
Band Website:ps://warcrab.bandcamp.com


Band Lineup:

Mike Cieplik-Bass
Rich Parker-Drums
Paul Garbett-Guitars
Geoff Holmes-Guitars
Martyn Grant-Vocals


1. Conquest
2. Destroyer Of Worlds
3. In The Shadow Of Grief
4. Bury Me Before I’m Born
5. Scars Of Aeons


Warcrab is a name I’ve seen all over gig and festival posters that are happening within the UK. When I saw this come through my inbox I was very intrigued, to say the least. ‘Scars Of Aeons’ is the band’s third release after 2012’s self-titled album and the ‘Ashes Of Carnage’ EP from 2014. So two years later we have this five-track album with just over 34 minutes of some downright filthy heaviness which, like its predecessors, absolutely slays.Warcrab-bandcamp

One noticeable aspect is the increase in quality of the production of the music. Not a massive step by any means but the brutality is all the more potently delivered. The first track ‘Conquest’ is an incredible mass of crushing power…well, all these tracks are but it’s a face-melting way to open the album. The breaks are phenomenal and each switch into a quicker tempo or regression is near orgasmic as your brain gets the boot down with such excessive might and rage. The old school death meets sludge is a brilliant combination which Warcrab execute with righteous ire. The opening two tracks are just so heavy.

The third track ‘In The Shadow Of Grief’ is anthemic, to say the least. From a sullen beginning to the riff just opens to a dominating flurry of pounding rhythm. Elegant in it’s simplicity, heavy in content and context; it is a memorable tune. Things get more traditionally heavy with the doomy sludgy goodness of ‘Bury Me Before I’m Born’. Some right Old School sounding excellence. A mix of NOLA sludge meets Bay Area death; Warcrab do not mess about.Vidpromo1

The last track is again a weighty number at its opening but things switch in dramatic fashion. The chorus is just fist pounding down on the face of your grannie greatness. Poor old dear. Warcrab has that ability to inspire ageist violence though…well not just against the wrinklies but just general destruction to whoever or whatever. We bear the scars…the scars of Aeons. So good and so heavy and so Warcrab. They have a knack for constructing beautifully compounded chaos. Ordered in a fashion to cause maximum damage with a long-lasting impact. Was a pleasure to review and can’t wait for the next slice of Warcrab material. Hopefully get to see them sometime soon as we. Glasgow calling? It better be.

Review by: Pete Mutant