Voodoo Summer Ball, Club Focus, by Wolf Shankland

Voodoo Summer Ball, at Electrowerkz, Angel, Friday 29th June 2012.

Tonight is the night for Voodoo! It only costs £6 on the door with a flyer from The Intrepid Fox or The Dev and only £7 entry if you were just going in as normal without the use of a flyer. But to be frank, the cost meant nothing; this was one hell of a fucking night!!
Larry has really out done himself with this one, with a whole host of different play things as well as some awesome music from several bands on different floors.

One of the best events of the year for the London Metal scene, it wasn’t one to be missed.
So let’s look at the layout. On the first floor: We had the Punk room, filled with every form of punk known to man: from the old school Mohawk Punks, to new age punks, with an awesome DJ playing throughout out the entire night, the first band to play were Hopeless Heroic who really had the room pumping even though everyone was pretty much still sober.
voodoo club 2
The bands tonight were:
Hopeless Heroic- 11:30pm
Giants- 12:30am
Imperial Leisure- 2:30am

With a mixture of Hardcore Punk, Ska, Pop Punk and traditional Punk playing throughout the night, the room was bouncing, keeping blood and energy pumping around the happy crowd, and seeing as this place doesn’t stop till 6am, it was definitely needed!
voodoo club 3
Now from the punk room we move down the corridor, past the toilets to the cinema area. This was so clever!
Playing all sorts of different films from cult horror to classic manga, this was a prime chill out area for those who began to let fatigue get to them. With the stairs behind them though leading up to the second, third and fourth floor, the actual atmosphere wasn’t really chilled out because of the drunken crowd clambering up and down, was so amusing, seeing how many people would stack, sadly I joined in later that night as a drunk, stacked up the stairs hahahaha!
voodoo club 4
But that’s later on…
Going back through the corridor and into the COURTYARD where I bumped into my big brother Craig from Killerfix and after a nice conversation and wishing him luck for his show later on I turned and found the face painting. It was nice to see the amount of designs people were walking around with, and even myself was walking around as scary skeletons lol!

Across the way from the actual face painting booth was the almighty RODEO BULL!!!! It was so fun to watch, but there was no way I was getting on that bull, I might get hurt! The winner was the one who stayed on the longest, and they would win… wait for it… a weekend ticket to BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 2012!! EPIC!! I already had my ticket so I wasn’t worried but sadly I didn’t catch who won the ticket, but it was so fun.

Now to the right was the Tube bar, and the main bouncy castle!! Every big kids dream!! It was so much fun, I ran into the castle after the OK from the supervisor, and dived in head first. Bouncing around the show, it was so fun ,and to make it fair everyone had a five minute bounce, and with the amount of people wanting a go on this, it was more than fair.
voodoo club 5
Now I made our way back round to the rodeo bull, past the courtyard bar to the BBQ!! With a nice selection of burgers and hot dogs with soft drinks, and to be honest, they were awesome burgers!

So after munching on a prime beef burger, I made my way to the next staircase.
On the right, the smoking area which was always packed out with so many smokers, and it was so cramped, but to be honest, if you want to smoke, you’ll do what ever it takes, but up the staircase we go to the MAIN FLOOR.

Now this was a floor!
The music was loud and aggressive, the bar was busy and here you’ll find a second bouncy castle, a lot smaller than the one in the courtyead but its seclusion makes it the more fun! But it was on the dance floor where the party was at!

With tunes from the best Metal DJ’s our capital has to offer, the crowd was pumping, aswell as a fine selection of lovely cage dancers swaying sexily to the beat of the Metal.
The dancers left around 2am and the cages were left open for the crowd, and I just couldn’t resist as yours truly decided to cage dance to Panteras- 5 minutes alone to hang off the cage door, and I’m surprised it didn’t break to be honest!

Now we come to the TOP FLOOR and the METAL MAYHEM STAGE. Right, so I’ll admit this now, and it wasn’t that I did it on purpose, but with in the entire night there was so much to take in, I missed all but one of the bands that played on this stage!

The line up was as follows:
Die Kur- 11:00pm
The Mercy House- 12:00 am
Killerfix- 1:00am
Silent Descent- 2:00am

Now this was a special gig for Killerfix because it was their last one till further notice, as the guys are removing themselves away from the public eye to record their new album. They opened with their powerful new track “Trusts Are The Law” for the die hard fans who have seen these guys before know the power behind this song and its meaning! But now they enter with classic songs from their first Album Bridge of Disorder. The poundage of “In Texas” and the groove laden “Smoke for the Pain” get fans old and new shaking their hips and getting down and dirty. Craig is a total showman, passing the mic down to myself and a fellow KF fan to sing along to the songs, but I had a surprise in store…

“Divided” boomed out of the amps, fans going crazy for this favourite before ending on the epic “Bridge Of Disorder” which is were my surprise hits. Now for those who came to their show at Nambucca would have seen me get on stage to sing this song in with my bro’s. Well, Craig decides to pull me up on to the stage, James gives me his mic, and in a room filled out new KF fans and old, begin singing along with Craig to “Bridge of Disorder” it was amazing!!
I felt the energy from the crowd on stage, and with Craig, the room filled up more and more!!! Craig you son of a bitch, love ya man!!!

After their set, I dived into the awesome ball pit located at the back of the room whilst listening to the screeches and wobs of DubStep, including one version of Slipknots Duality. But all in all, the summer ball was an amazing night, well spent with amazing friends and an electric atmosphere.

Well done Larry and Ed for putting on one of the greatest and craziest Metal events in London!!!
Can’t wait till the next Seasonal Voodoo!! Anyone else thinking Halloween?? Lets see 😉