Volbeat + Black Spiders @ The Forum, London

29th October 2011, Review by  Noel Wesley

The HMV Forum at Kentish Town is busy tonight for the sold out Volbeat Gig tonight!

Opening band for tonight were Black Spiders from Sheffield, UK.
Warming up the crowd with the song ‘Stay Down’; the first track from the current album, Sons of the North.

A Maiden style 3 guitar line up dishes our pure old school Rock!
Singer/Guitarist Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby has a huge voice very like Ozzy Osborne in places but has a very unique and individual style of his own.

These guys make massive riffs and harmonies and give solid backing for the awesome solos.
The band power through songs like ‘Kicked in the Teeth’, ‘This One Horse Town’ and ‘Revolution Man’ with the band belting out ‘Just like a Woman should’ a very AC/DC influenced rocker track.

Front man Pete engages the crowd with some great banter and tells the crowd that this will be the last show for Black Spiders in the UK as they are banned everywhere else, with much boo’s from the crowd on that bombshell!

Rounding off their set Black Spiders pay tribute to the late great Sir Jimmy Saville who passed away earlier that day by dedicating the last song ‘Blood of the Kings’ to his memory.

I’m sure Sir Jimmy lit up a Cigar and enjoyed it as much as the crowd and the band did.


After a lengthy change over the sold out crowd are treated to Motorheads ‘Born to Raise Hell’ through the PA System to announce the arrival of Volbeat.

The Forum is packed out and even the balcony is open, I can’t remember the last time I saw it so full. Maybe the fact that Volbeat have never played the UK has brought people out in droves to see the Danes own blend of Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and Metal.

Mega tight beefed up distorted Rock n Roll with drumming more usually heard in metal are blended together with singer Michael Poulsen’s Jonny Cash meets James Hetfield vocals.

Kicking off with ‘The human Instrument’, “Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac blood. The crowd are definitely in a party mood with people dancing all the way to the back of the upper balcony to Volbeats unique style of Rock n Metal, with a cover of the Jonny cash classic ‘A Sad Man’s Tongue’ starts off acoustic and then Volbeat make it their own by bringing their own sound to the song. A quick dose of ‘Ace of Spades’ then a blast of ‘South of Heaven’ clearly shows where Vobeats influences lie.

Michael interacts with the crowd and it’s obvious to see his and the rest of the bands joy at finally playing in London.
After establishing that the crowd likes Motorhead and Slayer, he then shares his love of Napalm Death with an uber quick blast of what could possibly have been ‘DEAD!’; all two seconds of it!

In the most bizarre guest appearance I’ve have ever seen, considering the type of music Volbeat play, Barney Greenway of Napalm Death joins the band for ‘Evelyn’. Mad as a box of frogs but it really worked, as only these kinds of twisted unions can in the world of Metal.

After waiting over a decade to play the UK the band do not disappoint the crowd by letting rip with a bit of Queen, ‘I Want To Break Free’ and their own songs ’16 Dollars and Still Counting’, ‘A Warrior’s Call’, ‘Fallen’, ‘Thanks’ and their brilliant cover of Dusty Springfield’s 1963 classic ‘I Only Wanna We With You’.

Further treating the fans, Michael invites members of the crowd to join them onstage, never one to miss a opportunity I went up with them for a spot of headbanging! Closing the show, Michael dedicates ”One for the Ladies”….The Monolithic: ‘RAINING BLOOD!!’ kicking off a vicious mosh pit.

Volbeat more than make up for cancelling last years Tour with massive Set stacked to the gills with amazing songs, guest appearances, great showmanship and stage presence.

Blending elements of Rock n Roll with Punk and Metal influences Volbeat have carved out a signature sound for themselves and together with a a fantastic live show they have shown that they can sell out major venues with ease and after tonight’s performance it is clear that they will do it again next year!