VLY – I (Time)

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Laser Edge Group
Released: 2015
Band Website: www.vlymusic.com

VLY - I (Time)

Keith Gladysz, Vocals
Karl Demata, Guitars, Synths, Programming
Elisa Montaldo, Keyboards and Synths
Chris Heilmann, Bass
Mattias Olsson, Drums, Keyboards
1. Circles
2. Time
3. Time Elapsed
4. Headache
5. Out Of The Maze
6. Hypnotic
7. Time Remembered
8. Silver Beaches
9. Message In Water
10. Dark Days
11. Perfect Place
12. Time Forgotten
VLY have released their debut album I (Time). Intriguingly this band has band members from the UK and USA and from what I have listened to tell me this might be a good pairing.
We start off with Circles and Time, these tracks are similar, however the quality doesn’t suffer as individual elements makes the tracks stands out from each other, for example, when listening to Circles the atmosphere is built up though the song and when Time hits, it’s a constant flow and soothing. Only two tracks in the album and already I’m seeing well thought out production and song structures, they are traditional, but with quality musicianship around the structure, so far so good for VLY.
Moving onto Time Elapsed and I do not really know what to think to be honest, I’ll give VLY credit the track is exactly what they called the song, however is it really needed as the album was flowing quite nicely up to this point. Headache comes flowing into my ears and it adds another element to the album and showing their target audience and demographic that they can put there own spin to a style of music and make it their own.
I’ve just made my way Out Of The Maze, greeting me was a unexpected up tempo catchy lyrical track, not sure what to think currently as previously tracks were quite mellow and somewhat relaxing, but that’s not taking anything away from the track itself, it’s everything you want from a up tempo song. I can’t fault it in anyway and I can see this as being a single released off the album. Time to by hypnotized by Hypnotic, and we are back to the mellow elements, however it has a different feel to the mix in particular matching the title of the track as it’s not as prominent in this track than the previous five of I (Time).
Times Remembered does more than Time Elapsed does in two ways, the first being little individual elements like the little noise crackle and the kids playing; the second way being it’s a actual melody which forms and develops as your listening to the song and again achieves exactly what the track is titled to be giving the right feel and in some people emotion too. Going on the Silver Beaches, the continuity continues being it’s cool and calm, however I feel this track doesn’t give the same expression as the previous tracks on the album, reason being I feel like it’s missing something, maybe it’s another musical element which would add more character to the song, but I would say Silver Beaches isn’t standing out for me.
Message In Water is different and is a creative compliment to the album. I see this track dividing opinion and you’re always going to get at least one track that does that throughout the release. Into Dark Days stands out by adding lovely touches like the tribal calls near the end of the track followed by the progressive building up to the unexpected crescendo at the end of the song. Sometimes it’s the little things which makes a song stand up and be counted and for this reason I feel Dark Days is one of the stronger tracks on I (Time).
Perfect Place flows and correlates into a strong finish to the album and there is even a touch of a jazz leading into the last chorus of the track. Also, there is a showcase of the guitar and keyboard players’ musicianship and technical ability which was a joy to listen to. Time Forgotten is the last song on I (Time) and again the track does what it needs to do and matches what Time Remembered achieves.
VLY’s debut release is a good album as standard, however there are things VLY need to work on; one of them being that each track needs to fit the rest of the album, with Out Of The Maze being completely the opposite to the rest of the I (Time). Also I have question marks over Time Elapsed, could that track had more body and depth whilst still explaining and delivering the same result that VLY wanted to achieve from the track? I think so. Overall VLY I (Time) gives a good impression of what this band is all about and I advise people who like to listen eclectic range of music to try this album as VLY has announced themselves into the progressive alternative music scene.