Vision Of Disorder / Earthtone9 @ The Underworld London

Vision Of Disorder / Earthtone9
14th September 2012
Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

Little did I know about the mayhem that was about to happen tonight at The Underworld in London! Of course, with the information that VOD would be filming the show in order to make a video out of it should have been a tip!

From their facebook account: LONDON! In case you haven’t heard, we are filming a live video for “Hard Times” at the show tomorrow @The Underworld. That gives you a full day to learn every damn word to that song. Bring your ‘A game’!”It says it all!


Supporting VOD is the Nottingham guys of Earthtone9. This alternative metal band reformed in 2012 after eight years of dissolution.
Karl Middleton greats the audience “Nice to see familiar faces”. Their sound is heavy, well executed, with clear influences from Helmet and Neurosis.

Vision Of Disorder
Vision Of Disorder

They obviously have fans in the crowd who are singing along most of the song, to the great pleasure of Owen Packard on guitar. Karl announces the band is about to cover “ a band you might not even know but here it goes”. As the first riffs start I recognise the Entombed track “Wolverine Blues”. They deliver a very good cover, which many people outside after the gig will keep repeating how good they were!

Vision Of Disorder
Vision Of Disorder

Off Kilter
Grind and Click
Star Damage
Approximately Purified
Tide of Ambition
Evil Crawling Eye
Tat Twam
Wolverine Blues

In June2011, Vision Of Disorder unveiled the first fruits of their renewed collaboration, posting new song The Enemy online and generating a storm of excitement and approval. VOD exploded from the streets of Long Island, NYC, with their self-titled debut album in 1996.

Formed by guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy in 1992 and completed by vocalist Tim Williams, bassist Mike Fleischmann and drummer Brendon Cohen,this
traditional hardcore sound finds very fast an audience. Sadly they go on indefinite hiatus in 2002. Williams and Kennedy teamed up to form epic metalcore merchants Bloodsimple, while Fleischmann and Cohen became members of Karnov.

The band reunited in 2006 for a brief three-song set at a Bloodsimple show in Long Island and received such a rapturous response that they decided to perform a full gig together later that year at NYC’s Super Bowl Of Hardcore fest in Manhattan. “The Cursed Remain Cursed” the first album from Long Island hardcore innovators VISION OF DISORDER to be released in over a decade, has just been out via Candlelight Records,and what a delight it is to hear them again.

Their changeover tonight took sometime as the VOD drum kit is being built up from scratch. Next to me, is Robert from Scotland, who was on the coach this morning to catch this London gig as he quotes“They are the best band! He has a Vision Of Disorder tattoo on him that he managed to show to the band earlier today, as well as getting his photo taken with them too. Proper fan dedication,respect to that!

A drum&bass track is played as the intro for their show, and as soon as the band gets onstage, hell on earth invades the venue!

I am just about luckily enough to stay at the front row for half the first song, as the crowd goes bersek all around me.

Fans are invading the stage and slamming already! I miss a foot, by an inch next to my face with camera in hand. After battling to get out of the moshpit, I get on the side balcony already packed too. After the second song, vocalist Tim Williams is approached by a fan asking him to let people know he lost his wedding ring and if anyone finds it please return it! Tim plays it well and pass on the message adding “his (the fan’s) wife might get really mad if he comes back homes without it”.

The setlist contains favourites like “Set To Fail”, ”Viola” and the “Hardtimes” track:
The wall of death is being asked by Tim, and highly dangerously executed, this band knows how to get the best out of its crowd.He even jumps on them and bodyslams. His mic wire gets stuck around a guy as he is returning on stage but he insists on the crowd to go “Apeshit” and you can t get more mayhem than this!
What a brilliant evening of Hardcore!

Vision Of Disorder
Vision Of Disorder

What You Are
Set To Fail
Be Up On It
Jada Bloom