Violet Cold – Magic Night

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
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Released: 2016
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Band line-up:

Emin Guyliev – All Instruments & Vocals

  1. Everything You Can Imagine is Real
  2. Magic Night
  3. Warm Winter
  4. For Amelie (Polish Lullaby)
  5. Sea
  6. Drowned in the Lights
  7. Silver Moon (Pt I)
  8. Silver Moon (Pt II)
  9. Last Day on Earth



Two things that matter most to me in my life are Black Metal and Science Fiction. And when someone fuses these two gems together and comes back with an audible diamond that has me thinking of classical scores like The Planet Suite or all kinds of tales of starships and space travel that have entertained me since childhood, then I know I’m onto a winner with the album I’ve been sent.

Here we have another quirky one-man project: Violet Cold, all the way from Azerbaijan. According to his webpage, this guy varies the musical output of the band on each record, so I feel quite lucky to have come across him with his 2016 release: ‘Magic Night’.

And he certainly conjured up enough magic to light up the night I gave this a whirl. It starts off with a ethereal tune that had me looking into the night sky and picturing the planets and cosmic dust fly past as I rode the cosmos. As the songs progress it tells a kind of story of an adventurer who comes across a new world with black metal accompanying them as they take on roaring seas and strange new atmospheres.

This album is almost wholly instrumental, and I am very happy to have found another creation that tells me vocals are not always important in telling a good story. This is a nod to classical music, although some of the songs have vocals that sound like an instrument, so that must be the shoegazing side peaking through. That’s a good concoction for Post Black Metal, so I was impressed all round.

Eventually you’re brought back to earth having taken on such a wonderful journey that will open more than just your eyes to the natural beauty of the universe and make you realise just how mundane and small your personal woes are when you remember that we’re all just a bunch of matter in an ever expanding existence that will make you feel so small.

Appreciation for space and nature through the finest music ever made is what this album does – a masterpiece of modern metal and one excellent fusion of two very different genres that bring back something so beautiful.

Review by Demitri Levantis