Vile Regression – Empires by Beth Avison

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2014
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Vile RegressionBand Line-Up:

Padraig Croag – Vocals
Brian Brady – Guitars
Baz Christie – Guitars
Kenn Christie – Bass
Robb Behan – Drums


1. Tides
2. Raze the Complexity
3. Dream of the Red Chamber
4. Thought Replication
5. The Abstract
6. Down to a Sunless Sea
7. The Empyrean Divide


Irish death metal mob Vile Regression seem to have made quite a profound impact on the world of underground metal. Despite having only been around for a mere four years, the band has managed to tour with genre heavyweights such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dyscarnate and Unearth. Of course this is no mean feat and is the product of hard work and determination, something which is evident in their latest EP Empires.

This release is a steady mash of death metal, deathcore and technical death metal throughout. It is easy to lose the listener in mindless fret wankery when you play tech death but here, the songs are easy to follow and the solos can be enjoyed without feeling like you’re being attacked by a very angry musical cactus. Riff wise, there are some gems present in “Raze the Complexity” and “The Empyrean Divide”.
“Dream of the Red Chamber” and “Down to a Sunless Sea” offer slower tempos alongside acoustic guitar and soaring chords; a welcome change which another string to the band’s bow.

Unfortunately though, the album art doesn’t stray outside the box. It is bland and CGI-heavy, ready the join the warehouse of carbon copies before it. There’s plenty of this stuff going around at the moment and whilst it’s not to my taste, I can appreciate the energy and dedication that’s gone into this.

There is much worse on offer when it comes to this genre so pick up a copy of Empires for a no-frills experience that won’t mash your head.

Review by Beth Avison