Victor Love – The Network

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Unsigned
Released: 2015
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Victor Love - The NetworkBand line-up:

Victor Love, Vocals, Guitar



1. Doom Trap
2. Machine Gun
3. Net Reality




The Network being Victor Love solo venture and with only three of the seven tracks available at my disposal, giving me a taste what Victor Love wanted to express to the world though his music.

Listening through these tracks makes me wonder what this person thought process was, Doom Trap comes at me with a catchy lead which goes throughout the track making it the centre piece which is meant to be the vocals and this is a shame because listening very carefully to the track, because Victor isn’t a bad lyric writer. Leading into Machine Gun which starts very promising with a aggressive lyrical chorus, however I see what he is trying to achieve, but for me it doesn’t work and instead of thinking about the musicality of the track, it’s the repetitiveness which strikes out.

However is not all bad, Net Reality shows the potential of Victor Love, bring back the catchy lead from Doom Trap and adding a really good chorus which makes the track what it is, speaking to us all about something we all know about which is the reality we all live in and Victor exposes and delivers his take on proceedings effectively making it the strongest track I was able to listen to.

Overall, The Network isn’t as efficient or free flowing as I was hoping, but shown in Net Reality, there is something there to grasp onto which this being solely made by Victor. I could pick up on the music production flaws, but it isn’t about that, this is about Victor expressing is values and views to the world and whether you like it or loath it, you would tend to appreciate Victor Love effort in producing The Network.

Reviewed By Z~Z