Varathron – Untrodden Corridors of Hades

Rating: 4/5
Agonia Records
Released: 2014
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varathronBand line up:

Haris (drums)
Stephan Necroabyssious (vocals)
Sotiris (guitar)
Achilleas (guitar)
Tolis (bass)


01 – Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon
02 – Realm of Obscure
03 – Arcane Conjuring
04 – Leprocious Lord
05 – The Bright Trapezium
06 – Death Chant
07 – Delve Into the Past


Varathron from Greece deliver doomed, melodic black metal on their long awaited release since 2009´s “Stygian Forces of Scorn”. The band creates an atmospheric and bombastic sound with help from brilliant, slow doom riffs and orchestra and choir as back-up which is a refreshing and rarely seen addition these days.

There is a raw layer of hoarse vocals mixed with clean, beautiful melodies which works extremely well together.
Varathron are not as grandly as a band such as Behemoth as one might compare them to and they don’t deliver just as memorable songs, but there is something in their sound that tells the listener hard work has been put into the record and they add a bit more old school black metal and extreme vocals to the table.

The band did just right only adding 7 songs as the 7-9 minutes songs quickly becomes a bit of long hauled ride to sit through. The third song, “Arcane Conjuring”, is the most draining part of the album, but the rest of the album quickly makes up for it. With that being said, the band takes the genre to a higher level and they don´t just let the music stay on a level that most bands do now a days. “Untrodden Corridors of Hades” is a brutal refreshment with darkened and beautiful undertones.

Review by Ellen Norvang