Vanity BLVD – Wicked Temptation By Ashlinn Nash

Vanity BLVD
Wicked Temptation
Rating: 4./5
Band Website:
Released: 8th February 2014
vanity blvd wicked-temptation

Band line-up:
Anna Savage: Vocals
Traci Trexx: Guitar
Pete Ash: Bass
Gebb: Drums







Album Track listing:
01. Dirty Rat
02. Miss Dangerous
03. Do Or Die
04. Hot Teaser
05. Had Enough
06. Soulshaker
07. Scream Out
08. Thrills In The Night
09. Falling Down
10. Desperate Heart
11. Dirty Action

Anna Savage leads the chorus of sleaze/hardrock quartet VANITY BLVD [pronounced boulevard] there is a initial similarity to classic rock veterans Lynard Skynard and their pronunciation brackets from their iconic album, and this isn’t the only similarity to the legends of rock. With homages throughout the album with highly influential moments within the tracks containing a rich blend of pastiches blended with their own unique sound.

The band are back with this highly anticipated second release under their belts, nothing can stop them now. The Swedish four piece have broken away from the current flood of retro-doom coming from the north of Europe that’s the trend recently and developed their own sound and welcomed it into the world.

Wicked Temptation was recorded by Nicko Di Marino (steelwing) and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (Amorphis, Pain, Overkill) its no wonder the sound of the album is strong and high in octane. The album is opened by “Dirty Rat” with purring deep vocal lines with dark tones that welcome you into the hair metal styles of the band. Consisting of members; Traci Trexx who commands the guitar like a wild cheetah , Pete Ash the bass master of rhythms as well as the power house of Gebb on drums the band come across sonically as a wholesome outfit that work incredibly well.

The hard rock elements of the band are heard throughout the album with highlights such as “Miss Dangerous” that is a power punch to the gut, taking you to the stadium arena feeling in your own home. Along with cheeky tongue in humour heard in “thrills in the night” and sexuality blended music and lyrics, the band have perfected their own sound with fun and energetic magnetism.

Ending with two delights “Desperate heart” with a soul pumping tune full of easy to relate to lyrics and enjoyable chorus chords. Along with closing track “dirty action” that ends the album with a high energy punch that leaves you with party inspired good vibes.

Overall this has been a great listen, with a swift reminded of the dominant male fronted sleazy metal of the 1980’s but with a modern girl power interpretation. This is an album for fans of; Modern bands such as Black Veil Brides, Butcher Babies and Steel panther as well as old school rock legends, Warlock, Motley Crue, Asis and Guns and Roses.

Review by Ashlinn Nash