Vanderbuyst – Vanderbuyst by Jo Blackened

Rating: 3/5

To Last Forever
New Orleans
Traci Lords
Stealing Your Thunder
Rock Bottom
From Pillar To Post
Jochem Jonkman – Lead Vocals, Bass
Barry Van Esbroek – Drums
Willem Verbuyst – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Van Records

Forming in 2008 by guitarist Willem Verbuyst (ex-Powervice) Vanderbuyst are a mix of 70s and 80s Hard Rock, Classic Rock and the early New Wave sound.
Soon joined Barry Van Esbroek on drums and Jochem Jonkman on both bass and vocals. Together they deliver their own take on old school hard rock, taking influences from bands such as UFO, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Van Halen and ZZ Top.

They released a a self-titled 3 track EP in 2008 with and got great feedback throughout Belgium, Germany and their native The Netherlands.
Their work had been crafted at Eindhoven’s VOID-studio by Pieter G. Kloos (The Devil’s Blood, Motopsycho) with mixing and co-production supported by Selim Lemouchi (Powervice, The Devil’s Blood).

Vanderbuyst then returned to the same studio in the Spring of 2010 and released their debut album. In October 2010 this album hit the shelves as a vinyl (in black, purple and clear) as well as a CD version, all via Germany’s Ván Records.

Vanderbuyst have already played an impressive 50 shows and were chosen to support ‘Saxon’ across Europe from May 2011, aswell as playing festivals, including; Metal Camp (Slovenia), Magic Metal (Denmark) and Zwarte Cross (The Netherlands) with more soon to be lined up.

Overall there will be over 100 shows for Vanderbuyst this year and will also be hitting the studio again to record a second album this year.

From the opening with first track ‘To Last Forever ‘ it’s clear this band have talent & are more focused on the music and less on the vocals. Don’t get me wrong the vocals are great but stay pretty much the same throughout, but it’s the fantastic guitar riffs, solo’s and melodies that are great with this album.

It’s pretty easy listening, with some cheesy lyrics that just add to the light-hearted fun of it really.

Track 4 is dedicated to ‘Traci Lords’ which is quite entertaining, but again this really isn’t to my taste and the album seems to go abit downhill towards the middle, but does pick up towards the end with an 11 minute track which is mostly instrumental.
I actually preferred this as you can hear their true talent, as I have to say the vocals really didn’t do it for me!

This is definitely not a heavy album, but its still a great rock album which just goes to show 80s Hard Rock is still alive and kicking!