Vader @ The Underworld, London

21st March 2015
Review by Demitri Levantis

On Saturday 21 March, London once again witnessed the cream of Polish metal congregating at the Underworld with Death Metal veterans Vader and Hate giving the UK all the anger any former Eastern Bloc country can deliver. And what a crowd there was too – Polish metal heads sure know how to have fun.

First up on the bill we had Israeli group Shredhead. Their violent and anger themed thrash metal was formidable to say the least. It didn’t seem to have as much of the violence and speed or sing-along value as the likes of Skeletonwitch or Municipal Waste, but it was a good starter to the evening. Imagine Warbringer but with more breakdowns.

And then Poland revealed to me just how brilliant its contribution to the world metal is as Hate took to the stage to promote their new album Crusade:Zero. Impressive was an understatement. They launched into their death metal onslaughts with ease and sent the crowd wild before I could make out which song was being played.

This is a band who have really come into their own in their 25 year career, and I was most impressed by the technical drumming from Pavulon, who had the crowd applauding in soundcheck and then wowed us even more as the group delved into their dark and morose tunes about all the inner anguish one can feel towards the world around them.

Adam the First Sinner also gave a superb performance as a vocalist which made me think a lot about Nergal and Vader’s Peter. It felt that Polish death metal really is taking off these days on all sorts of levels.

And finally, Vader picked up where their fellow countrymen left off and made the night more than something to remember. They had come to promote their newest studio venture Tibi Et Igni, which I’d listened to on the way to the gig and now knew it was a particularly good release as it sounded just as good and sometimes better than on CD.

It wasn’t all about promoting the new record though. Several classics such as ‘Dark Age’, ‘Wings’ and ‘Chaos’ made it into the setlist which would have pleased the older fans who can remember when these guys first appeared. All in all, it was one fantastic tirade of old school sounding death metal which would have pleased anyone who isn’t into the technical stuff.

This was the kind of gig you had to attend if you’re into H.P. Lovecraft or black magic or just want to see a band that began in the early Speed Metal days and have matured into a beast of current day extreme metal. Violent is an understatement when it comes to describing Vader, for they do not just create violent tunes, they conjure up an intensity which makes the crown just go insane and have a truly great evening as I certainly did.


Abandon All Hope
Go to Hell
Come and See My Sacrifice
Silent Empire
Reborn in Flames
Decapitated Saints
Triumph of Death
Where Angels Weep
Dark Age