Ohio thrashers UnKured are pleased to announce that they have now signed with Sliptrick Records for a worldwide release of their albumMutated Earth, which is due to be released on May 1st. While best described as thrash, UnKured have more in common with old-school Megadeth, Metallica and Death than the current crop of “modern” thrash bands. 



With 8 tracks of neck-breaking metal, Mutated Earth shows UnKured to be a rising force in metal.

Praise for Mutated Earth:

“For all intents and purposes this ‘could have been’ made in Florida, early 90’s around the same time Sepultura started their Arise to world territory. There’s a heavy spread of Pestilence with some of Obituary’s rotting ways and a loud, respectful stylistic tribute to Death and Uncle Chuck’s handy work.”Covering the Scene

“This is a real ride in cool old school metal but more than a tribute, it draws out influences and lays then down hard for your listening pleasure”.-Brutalism

“After a few minutes of listening to this album, I found myself head-banging and dancing around the living room while doing the all-famous air guitar.-We Love Metal

“UnKured has put together an amazing work; Mutated Earth is  a modern classic. It brings a lot of markers from the Old School Thrash we grew up to, but it also shows that Thrash Metal is still a living, evolving genre.“-Two Guys Metal Reviews

“If you like heavy death/thrash with a bit of a technical side, such as the later works by Death, or you like the sci-fi thrash of bands like Voivodand Vektor, UnKured would make an excellent addition to your collection.“-Metal Blast

Album credits:

Recorded March 2014-August 2014
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Orange Whale Studios Cincinnati, OH
By Neil Eckstein and Trevor Johnson

UnKured is:

Guitars and Vocals – Cody Knarr
Drums – Adam Green
Bass – Ben Stanton

UnKured online: