Universal Theory – The Most Attractive Force

Rating: 3.5/5

Distributor/label: Metal Hell Records

Distributor/label URL: http://metalhellrecs.com/<

Released: 2015

Buy Album [URL]: http://metalhellrecs.com/store/products/universal-theory-the-most-attractive-force-cd/

Band Website: https://universaltheory.bandcamp.com/

Universal_Theory_The_Most_Attractive_Force_400px Line Up:

Jesus Pinilla: Guitars, Programming & Male Vocals
Jose Maria Martos: Female vocals


1. Before Sunrise
2.Somewhere Else (new lyric video for this track was posted Monday)
3. Unfinished Desire
4. The Most Attractive Force
5. Romance I
6. Deeper Than You Know
7. Romance II
8. The Wall Of Darkness
9. Light Vein


Universal Theory are a gothic metal band from Madrid, Spain. They’re back with their latest album The Most Attractive Force. When I first came across them in 2013, I said that they were still finding their sound and had a lot of potential to be unleashed, so with their latest album, how much progress have they made?

On the songwriting front they have progressed, and quite aptly into a more progressive sound at times. The album has a mix of styles, starting off with the opener ‘Before Sunrise’ which is at the heavier end of the gothic metal spectrum. It mixes some heavy chugging with synths, dance beats and some passionate female vocals that bring the song to an intense climax.

The second track ‘Somewhere Else’ is another well written gothic metal anthem, with a conventional but catchy structure. Although, it still has feeling, atmosphere and depth. This is followed by ‘Unfinished Desire’ which sees the band take a trip in a more melancholic, atmospheric and progressive direction. The backing keyboards really suit the track’s title, giving the music a feeling of unfulfilled desire, longing and sorrow.

The album’s title track ‘The Most Attractive Force’ is another gothic metal ballad, and again, although conventional it has that feeling and emotion in the music which many bands in the genre sadly lack these days. While the voice of Jesus is more detached, the female vocals are highly emotional and the two combined really make a great emotional effect.

‘Romance I’ sees the band perform a more progressive sound, as does the following track ‘Deeper Than You Know’. ‘Romance II’ starts off with a catchy orchestral synth riff, before building up into another gothic metal anthem. Again, the songwriting here is good and it’s sure to go down well with fans of the genre, particularly those who might be fans of Tiamat etc.

‘The Wall of Darkness’ is another more progressive number. The album ends with ‘Light Vein’ which is a piano and cello piece and finishing things off on a more relaxing note.

Since their last album, they have progressed a little but I feel that they still have potential to be unleashed. What lets the album down the most is the mastering, the sound is too compressed and it really destroys a lot of the effort that’s been put in. By just improving the mix the music could sound a million times better. Otherwise, it’s a great gothic metal album.

By Jacob Ovington