Unitcode:Machine – Themes For A Collapsing Empire

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2021
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Band Website: Facebook

Band line-up:

Eric Kristoffer – Everything


1. Fight
2. This Collapse
3. Falling Down
4. Silence the Noise
5. Lose it all
6. Buy Me Now
7. The Airman and The Atom Bomb
8. Drift Away
9. Time Conquers All








Hailing from the deep south state of Texas, electro-industrial band Unitcode:Machine has released their fourth studio album, one which the sole member, Eric Kristoffer has described as inspired by life-changing events he underwent in the previous year.

And I for one can see where the emotion and anguish is being channelled throughout this very catchy piece of electronic music, as Kristoffer has laid down some very deep and heartfelt foundations to boost the bass and blast some very memorable synths and guitars, to make some excellent alternative rock.

One thing that I find to be a very good sign in electro-industrial and similar genres, is when a band are able to produce something that will fill a dancefloor but will also be something a record collector would sit down and listen to in detail for whatever themes the band wishes to purvey. Here is one of the best examples of that from recent years, as Kristoffer sings and at times rants about the hardships and regrets of his recent life over some very memorable pieces of music any club-goer can bop to.

Even those of us who love the more metallic side of industrial music are treated to some jagged guitars on track “The Airman and the Atom Bomb” which means Kristoffer had a wide range of audiences in mind – good on him for widening his sound so well.

Overall, this is a memorable piece of electronica that will please those who love finding new music that is grim in nature and also happy and energetic when using it for a good time. If you love dancing to the decline of human society, Unitcode:Machine is the band for you.

Review by Demitri Levantis