Underworld, New York by Ian Fford

Underworld New York City, words by Ian Fford, pics by Dj Rex.
Underworld just had its two year anniversary! Thats a big deal in the current club climate, especially since this party is a biweekly Wednesday. That’s right, mid-week and packed, no easy task in New York City. You see, as rent increases here the club kids tend to move out of Manhattan and into the boroughs or farther, like New Jersey, Yonkers, Long Island and Connecticut. Its hard to get into the city and party when you have to be up at 8am, so Underworld’s success is a huge credit to its creators.
DJ Templar, Bride of Wire and V-Christ host and spin this true-to-the-scene Goth, EBM, Post-Punk, Synthpop, Dark Dance Horror Party. Gatekeeper Mandana will greet you with her usual charm and gorgeous smile. They, along with such special guests as DJ’s Rex (UK), Ian Fford (me!), Patrick, Aengel, Xris SMacK, and many more keep the floor moving to a minimally invasive light show and some of the most bizarre and disturbing video clips I’ve ever seen.
What’s keeps this party special is promotors’ enthusiasm, especially Templar! They’re really, really, really into what they do. By admission they don’t make much, or any, money doing this but that doesn’t matter to them. They create something they believe in and make it open to all, and everyone gets caught up in the vibe (especially after Templar’s had a few…!) They’re not afraid to take chances and give new smaller bands a chance, nor do they shy away from a track they love just because its not popular.
If you find yourself in Manhattan on a Wednesday, definitely come by. Cover is cheap, 2-4-1 happy hour lasts ’til midnight, and the crowd is friendly, pretty and properly attired, although casual is allowed.
Underworld is at The Sullivan Room,. 218 Sullivan Street, New York City, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

Ian Fford
Underworld Devotee