Under Static Movement – The Mirror

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self- Produced
Distributor/label [URL]: N/A
Released: 2016
Buy Album: goo.gl/kuvVSd


Band line-up:

J.P. – vocals
Riku – guitar
Nik – drums
Fede – bass
Bone – guitar


1. Death By Lobotomy
2. Falls From Grey
3. Mezcal
4. Put Your Finger Inside
5. Seven
6. Still Laying
7. The Solution


After finally finding their feet since originally combining forces in 2007, Under Static Movement are back with their most recent release The Mirror. Having previously released a number of EPs and having built a strong touring portfolio it is safe to say that Under Static Movement are swiftly going from strength to strength.

Combining elements of traditional metal, along with rugged riffage; beefy breakdowns and memorable melodies, this album also marks a very important milestone for these modern metallers as they have since signed a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotions.

This angsty album is strong from the off, beginning with the opening track “Death by Lobotomy”, the energy is consistently high throughout. This 7-track, self-produced album is raw with emotion and each of the tracks brings passion and a plethora of musical elements to the table.

Immersed amongst the industrial and punk undertones, technical tremolo riffs and blast-beat drums create a deep and diverse sound. It’s rare to find a modern metal band which are able to write and produce an album with both an original yet timeless sound.

Incorporating racy riffs; gnarly vocals and strong polyrhythm’s drumbeats, this album is addictive and a pleasure to listen to.

Review by: Pixee