UK extreme metal act HEX MORBIDITY reveal new track, “Pallu Noctu”

After a long silence and gradual shift towards even darker territories, one man black metal band HEX MORBIDITY have released “Pallu Noctu”, a track which will feature on a forthcoming EP.
The song, which went live on June 2nd , can be heard via the band’s official YouTube channel here:

The track was first heard exclusively on the British Black Metal Compilation released several weeks ago, but this is the first it has been heard anywhere else. Musically, it sees the band delve into richer emotional textures, with melodic layers yet with the same unrelenting, despondent vocal style the band has become known for in the underground.

Hex Morbidity’s energy is now being focused on a forthcoming EP, which will see the band go further down this dark, melancholic path. Release date coming soon.

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