Phoenix sludge masters TWINGIANT are set to release their new album Devil Downthis winter. Devil Down is the follow up to their critically acclaimed album Mass Driver and was engineered and mastered by Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon) at Arcane Digital Recording. Twingiant

The band had the following to say about the new album:

“We’ll be releasing our 2nd, full-length album entitled, Devil Down, by the end of the year.  We’re really happy with how it’s coming along and it’s been nothing short of awesome working with Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon) of Arcane Digital Recording.  Since Tony (guitars) joined the band last summer, our sound evolved as you would expect.  We have more of a 70s/Southern Rock feel now and it’s really evident on Devil Down more so than when we were flirting with that sound on the Sin Nombre EP.  The vocals are probably the most noticeable change from the prior two releases.  You can actually understand 75% of what Jarrod is saying and there are more of them now.  Devil Down still has all the elements that you would expect from Twingiant, but you can definitely tell that we’ve matured and found our stride.  We can’t wait to release it.”

Further details about the album, including track listing will be announced shortly.