Twin Peaks Cast Interviews (UK Festival 2015)

Video by GR Studios
Interviewer: Kitty Blue
Photography by Amy T. Zielinski

While we were covering the Twin Peaks UK Festival in London’s Genesis Cinema, the attending cast members were kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to have a little chat with us about their experiences filming Twin Peaks and some of the other projects they’ve been involved in. We’ve included subtitles for Sherilyn Fenn’s interview as our audio recorder cut out (we only buy the best now!) just to make it easier:



Also Mina Tobias, up-and-coming singer/songwriter and daughter of Madchen Amick, was good enough to give us a quick interview too! Here’s the transcription:


Hi Mina – how’re you doing?

I’m good. How are you?

Yeah, we’re awesome thanks.  Are you enjoying the festival?

I am, yeah. This is my first time in London and it’s my first time to a Twin Peaks festival so I’m enjoying it.

No way? So what are you hoping to see in London, or are you just here for the weekend?

(Mina laughs)

Well, we actually came in on Wednesday, um, and I’ve been filming a music video Thursday and Friday so I’ve seen where we’ve been filming but I haven’t done all the sightseeing that I, uh, want to.


Ooh ok, so I guess that leads us on nicely to, um, what happened after Twin Peaks?

Oh, you mean the ‘Freedom’ video?

Yeah, absolutely.

Umm, yeah, it, uh, I pretty much immediately wanted to get into my next video as I’ve just been releasing singles instead of an album, and I wrote a couple of new songs which I’ll perform tonight and I got in contact with a director out here (in London) and I thought:
“Might as well as we’re in London, we can go shoot a video”

So, yeah, I got right into the video, got into making my set list for tonight, then I have another video when I get back!

That is, yeah, busy with a capital B-USY, right? What was it that you graduated in?

Well, I graduated in June and, like, now I have time to put into my music so that’s what I’m trying to do, just get as much weight behind it as I possibly can.

What was it you graduated in?
Um, I graduated from Cornell in psychology and music.

Wow, ok, so there’s quite a polar difference there, mean I ask why? I mean obviously the music is obvious but the psychology side of things?

Yeah, I dunno, I-I think, umm, I wanted to do something that was somewhat general, where it could apply to a bunch of different things, um, but I really liked music and psychology as well, like music therapy and all the different ways it affects your brain; so sometimes I’ll write songs with a psychological aspect to them or with a certain emotion in mind so it’s kinda a whole combination.

So you say you kinda write music with an emotion or a theme in mind, when you finished working with David Lynch, did you find that your music was influenced by that?

Yes, definitely because, so, for– when I wrote ‘Freedom’, um, I actually spoke with David as I was having trouble finishing the song because it’s a very weird, alternative song and I didn’t know if people were going to get it and he basically, in a nutshell, said, uh:

“Don’t die two deaths. One being that nobody likes the song and the second death being that you don’t like the song.”

And so, that was what helped me finish the music and what inspired me to have a Twin Peaks themed music video and, uh, I think a combination of his very open, creative mindset, along with Angelo and Julee and the kinda synthesizer and, like, alternative is all something that’s infused into my music.


Now we know you are the daughter of Madchen Amick and, er, did you find that at first, you were compared to her a little bit or did you find that her influence and her strength actually propelled you into doing something along the same lines?

I think it’s a little bit of-of everything; I know that she definitely has a lot of influence on me. I think with her first big thing in acting being Twin Peaks, working with David Lynch, kinda corrupted her, y’know?

(Mina laughs playfully)

She-she didn’t have a very, uh, conventional career path since then and I think that kind of individualistic, um, I dunno, mindset and goals have kinda rubbed off on me as well so I think, yeah, with music, I’m not trying to follow a format of, like, pop or whatever that might be, I’m just going with what I’m writing, seeing how it feels and what feels right artistically so that– that’s definitely a big part of my lifestyle as well.

I love it, I love it. So, sadly, we’re going to have to finish our interview – I’d love to sit and talk to you all day! – umm, but we just wanna thank you so much for being here with us today…

Of course. Thank you so much for having me.

… and we hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend with Twin Peaks Festival

Oh, I think I will!


 So, thanks for reading and keep an eye out for Part 2 of our coverage!