Tusmörke – Fort Bak Lyset

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2016
Label/Distributor: Svart Records
Buy album: https://tusmorke-norway.bandcamp.com/album/fort-bak-lyset
Band website: https://www.facebook.com/Tusm%C3%B8rke-100833236668197/

Band Line-Up:Tusmorke front cover final

Marxo Solinas



1. Ekebergkongen
2. Et Djevelsk Mareritt
3. De Reiser Fra Oss
4. Fort Bak Lyset
5. Spurvehauken
6. Nordmarka
7. Vinterblot



There’s something ridiculously brilliant about dark folk who-knows-what-you-call it Norwegians Tusmörke. ‘Fort Bak Lyset’ (meaning ‘Led Behind the Light’) is sung in their native tongue so what in the hell it’s about I don’t know, but it sounds so fun. Well actually through the wonders of accompanying documents, I can tell you apparently it’s about “ancient folk lore of Oslo, the spheres on the far side of death and space and the pathless lands off the beaten track.” This is apparently Tusmörke’s third album, so one can only imagine what delights we’ve been missing out on.

With its flute-y opening ‘Et Djevelsk Mareritt’ sounds like a fairytale, whilst ‘De Reiser Fra Oss’ has got some super groove courtesy of vintage synths. And whilst I may not know what they say the lyrics combine with it to make something that at times sounds super 80s. In fact that flute keeps cropping up time and again to lead you away like the Pied Piper. ‘Spurvehauken’ could be off a stage play, and the somehow-catchy ‘Nordmarka’ makes feet tap and bodies sway, especially when the bass gets a-going. And there’s whistling.

At more than 8 minutes long ‘Vinterblot’ somehow takes the title on longest track on an album filled with long tracks. It’s one of the best as well, all groovy synths and keys that swell and dance all on their own, before coming to the most abrupt stop.

Actually the whole album gives us such a feeling of light (good call on that title) that calling Tusmörke dark folk just doesn’t work. It’s too damn upbeat. It’s psych, sort of prog, spacey, folk that sounds like legends and make believe and magic and forests where Shakespeare’s fairies live. And did we mentioned fabulously fun?

Together Fort Bak Lyset is an experience, although not one you may regularly revisit once you’ve marvelled at it once. Here is literally a case of you got to hear it to get the full picture. And whilst it’s not the norm god isn’t that just a delight sometimes?

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs