True Moon – True Moon

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Lovely Records
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Released: 2016
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Band Lineup:

Karolina Engdahl – Vocals, Bass
Jari Haapalainen – Guitar
Linus Segerstedt – Guitar
Tommy Tift – Guitar
Fredrik Orevad – Drums


1. Voodoo
2. Our Own Darkness
3. True Moon
4. Sugar
5. Just Like Smoke
6. Guns
7. Run Run Run
8. In the Dead of the Night
9. Things I Used to Tell You
10. Honey


Sweden is regarded by many to be one of the breeding grounds of music and culture across the diverse continent of Europe. Gothenburg is collectively agreed to be the home of Death Metal and a fair number of electronic, gothic, darkwave and other hard and heavy genres have come from the Scandinavian land over the last half century. And one of the latest talents to come out of the southern city of Malmo are True Moon, here with their new self-titles studio album.

True Moon have been described as ‘Annie Lennox (Eurythmics) if she fronted Joy Division’, and I would call that a fair likening, but I think it’s better to say they’re a mashup of all things dark and subversive about 80s pop and new wave music delivered by the likes of Bjork or Goldfrapp. So here we have a dark band who put in guitars similar ot the likes of Bernard Sumner and there’s pop melodies of confessional tales of love and anxiety over a hefty punkish power chord.

The album hooks you from the moment you press play. I certainly was reminded of all good bands that have emerged from Manchester since the Punk explosion 40 years ago and the tone of the songs go from cold to heartwarming every now and again. Here and there I was also reminded of Christian Death, particularly with Roz Williams at the helm, so a pleasing move for all the Deathrock kids listening in.

So we’ve got punk, Goth, new wave, darkwave, post punk and electro mixed up and blended well with some fine female vocals that will entertain anyone who has heard of the Batcave or has been for a night out in Slimelight or Reptile.

The album is satisfying overall but in the midsection it begins to wane a tad. Tracks like ‘Just like Smoke’ and ‘Guns’ weren’t quite as on point as the rest. Nonetheless I enjoyed this album and felt like I’d been catapulted into the past and shown back to the present date by the lovechildren of JG Ballard and Gary Numan. Great work True Moon.

Review by Demitri Levantis