Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones, by Alan Chapman

Out Now on Century Media

Few bands have ever come close to capturing the pure evil in sound the way that Celtic Frost did, the music sounded like hell itself (even if sometimes their image was a little off at times).

So a few years ago when they got back together and produced the stunning album Monotheist I was a very happy chap, again. I had music to raise Satan himself, but it was to be short lived in just over a year they had split again.

The main stay of the band Tom Warrior has never faired to well outside of Celtic Frost that is up until now. He has pulled together a new band with the guitarist from his former band plus two new blood members, taking every that CF were and making it even more intense which I must admit I never thought was possible but here it is.

Trust me this is a unique sound, true black metal, this lot don’t have to burn down churches to prove how evil they are, I bet churches just burst into flames when they come to town and blast this music out.

If you think you know what heavy sounds like be prepared to have that put up notch or to by this opus, right have to go need to call fire brigade the catholic church across the road from me seems to be burning hope it’s nothing I’ve done.