TRC – Nation by James Kempe

Rating: 4/5
Label: Siege Of Amida

Line Up :
Anthony Caroll – vocals
Richard Hiorns-Bass
Laselle Lewis-drums
Charlie Wilson-guitar
Ben Taylor Dingwall-guitar
Chris Robson-vocals

Track Listing:
3 Letters 4 Seasons
10,000 Hours
Between Bridges
Gold Medal Music
We Bring War
Beefeater 1
Beefeater 2
Ex Games
Weekend Walls

Nation is TRCs follow up to their positively received album Bright Lights from 2011 and it certainly takes no prisoners. Hitting the ground running with 3 Letters 4 Seasons and the pumped up 10,000 Hours there is no doubt that TRC mean some serious business.

This album has both aggression and positivity leaking from every pore,Its a bit like getting punched in the face by someone trying to give you a high five. I can imagine that being down the front at one of their shows is going to be a painful experience.

Aggressive and fast as this album may be there is also a good deal of variation and enough to keep the casual listener interested, Hardcore this may be but the mighty riffage on display will be enough to keep any hardened metal head happy all the way through, in fact this is hardcore in intent only, as although the vocals are pure punk and grime the music itself would easily give Slayer a run for their money.

The most surprising track here would be Between Bridges which introduces a female vocal to great effect during the chorus before diving headlong into a massive riff.

The positivity here is certainly uplifting, something which must be hard in a world where it is so easy to be negative about everything, #TeamUK being a good example of this, this is a track celebrating being British and British triumph in every field, including hip hop idiot Dappy getting to number one… maybe too positive?

In short this is a great home grown album that any fan of hardcore or indeed metal should add to their collection, a great selection of songs that fly by at great speed and never out stays it welcome. Go Buy!