Trapped Within Burning Machinery – The Filth Element

Rating: 0.5/5
Distributor/label: Midnite Collective / Black Voodoo Records
Released: 2015
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Band line-up

Zak Esparza: guitar, vocals
Rob Wallace: guitar
Ernie Lara: bass
Geoff Jones: drums

Track Listing:
  1. Leeloo (ft. Nicolas Rocha of Deathkings)
  2. Korben Dallas
  3. Diva Plavalaguna
  4. Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
  5. Mr. Shadow
  6. The Divine Light

Sometimes less really is more! Taking this album apart track by track to be constructive in this review was a very, VERY long pain staking process, so I share my experience with you in the same manner.

Track one, Lee Loo: For the first six minuets, yes first SIX minuets it was quite good though somewhat repetitive tune, it was very emotive, with the sound of what could feature in a film set in the Vatican, I start with high hopes, though the tune builds at the six minuet mark some weak demonic vocals kick in but don’t hit as hard as perhaps they could/should!

This unimpressive vocal remains for a further three minuets and though it was somewhat disappointing the band carries the track well and by 12 minuets in I was emotionally spent. But the track continues… yes it’s still playing! 14.25 minuets later my journey is complete and I have reached the end.

At this point I still have hope for this album, though the vocals did not hit as hard as they could have and the track was seriously dragged out, I had been affected emotionally by the music, this to me is what any music is about. So I come to the second track Korben Dallas, This track starts of strong and hits hard, I perk up awaiting the moment this album hits greatness! The introduction goes on… and on then at the two minuet mark the vocals kick in and Zak Esparza sounds at best stoned at worst bored, the anti climax hits hard! Though when he begins to growl it’s impressive and a shame he didn’t show these vocal cords of steel on Lee Loo. The track very quickly lost any momentum it started with and at six and a half minuets in the guitarist picks it up in what I assume is a bid to wake up members of staff in the recording studio. By the eight minuet mark I lost all hope and skipped to the next track.

So we are up to track three Deva Plava Laguna, The four or five cord repeated rift and growling goes on for what seems like an eternity, it was actually three and half minuets, the next 30 seconds the tune is mixed up somewhat but this is what I now call the migraine minuet. The following five minuets were a mix of extreme pain (in my head) and praying for it to end.

Track four: Jean – Baptiste Emmanuel all 11.45 minuets of it! This track was very hard to take seriously, it begins sounding like a newly formed none experienced teenage band in a garage somewhere with an angry Gothic wanna be front man shouting to be heard, at three minuets in the band pull it together, however the angry ranting doesn’t stop until six minutes in when he reverts to singing in the key of stoned teenager.

Begrudgingly I play the next track Mr Shadow: within the first two minuets I fear the band was as bored as I was and I skip to the final track. The Divine Light: I will be honest here I am unsure if this track was better than the rest or I was just grateful the track was the last I had to endure! At seven minuets long it was shorter than the rest and as I write this I fail to recall the tune so though it was not great or memorable it wasn’t horrifically memorable either. The only positive I took from this album was track one showed some real promise that this band could maybe deliver something good in the future.

Review by Anita Lyons