Torver & Arcane North – From Moonrise to Moonset

Torver1Band line-up:

Dominus – Guitar, Bass
Nicholas Millar – Vocals, Violin
Azrael – Keyboards

Arcane North
William – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Julian – Drums, Additional Vocals


1. Torver – Moonrise
2. Torver – Naked in the Wilderness
3. Torver – Lunar Ritual
4. Arcane North – Invoke the Spirit of the North
5. Arcane North – Cold Lonely Moors
6. Arcane North – Moonset


Have you ever wondered what a night on the moors of northern England feels like in music form? Well look no further, for the aptly named new split FROM MOONRISE TO MOONSET from UK black metal youngbloods Torver and Arcane North have given us such an experience with all its audible glory.

Torver opens the evening with ‘Moonrise’, a whimsical black metal melody with an ethereal trance and what sounded like a wolf howling into the darkness. It is also quite bleak and slows to a pace which will please many a My Dying Bride lover too.

‘Naked in the Wilderness and ‘Lunar Ritual’ conjure up images of forests and rolling hills and even the sound of flowing water is present which really made me think of how England is a place of such outstanding natural beauty and has many a good tale to tell. The witching hour and images of witchcraft appeared to me as the cleaner vocals invoked a slightly gothic edge to the blackness. I could detect a hint of Dani Filth in the vocals every now and again. One new band with a lot of potential.

Now Arcane North wowed me last year with their debut EP ‘Enter the Arcane North’ which led me to see this band as another musical outfit to sit alongside Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone as the forefathers of English Heritage Black Metal. and here I could see the wide range of musicianship they carry, with ‘Invoke the Spirit of the North’ reminding me of Sylvester Angfang before entering a tranquillity much like Altar of Plagues and Panopticon.

‘Cold Lonely Moors’ is a 12 minute journey across the ever rolling hills and moors of the north and the many tales and curiosities that have come into many a traveller’s head. This is the kind of music to listen to when you’re out travelling across the glades and farmland in the evening.

And finally ‘Moonset’ has some electronic elements, so maybe this band has been listening to Samael a lot recently. In order to know what the setting of the moon is like on tape, played by the finest metal instruments then this is a release you must get your hands on. It is very rare with only 50 copies released on cassette so I do hope they release it to a wider audience soon.

Torver and Arcane North have really come into their own and have teamed up to offer some of the best English black metal around. This is a release by two bands who knew their cooperation would bring much success and wonderful music so well done there. Excellent job.

Review by Demitri Levantis