Tons Of Powder – To Destination! by Ryan Spearman

Rating: 3/5
Released: 1st March 2014
Band Website:

[ALBUM] [Ryan Spearman] Tons Of Powder - To Destination!Band line-up:   
Octav Casian (Vocals)
Yury Shchankin (Guitar)
Dumitru Costin (Bass)
Vlad Ceban (Drums)

1) Riot Of  The Pariah
2) Stone Faced
3) Seasons
4) Tons Of Powder
5) Zoo Cage
6) Sacred Knower
7) Good Appetite
8) Offers Offend
9) Random Lies
10) No One Loves You
11) Doggytalk




Moldova, not particularly a country known to be a hotbed for metal bands. But Eastern Europe has a metal scene which is growing like wildfire, so it was  only a matter of time a band emerged from this little known former Soviet state. Having already had years experience playing with bands in neighbouring Ukraine and Belarus, as well as their own home country, the Chisinau four piece known as Tons Of Powder are established musicians, yet this album had the potential to be so much more.

Their sound, for the most part, is just like any generic metal band from 12 years ago, you know the ones. The ones who were on the undercard at Ozzfest and got mild airtime on MTV2 That being said, their drummer Vlad Ceban, is like a tidal wave of percussive fury. From the intricate Tons Of Powder to monstrous Sacred Knower, he’s a raging force throughout. With the aid of Dumitru Costin (bass), the pair make up a rhythm section, with the same precision as a well oiled machine.

It’s a shame the same can’t be said about the singer, who fails the deliver to the bands potential. He’s very monotone in his delivery, and lacks a certain depth that the music cries out for, without sounding too harsh, it holds the band back to an extent. I’m not saying he’s bad, but maybe Costin isn’t the perfect fit for the bands aggressive nature.
There’s a massive level of promise in Tons Of Powder, yet To Destination! fails to fully grasp that concept. There’s a few subtle things here and there that grab your attention, but ultimately, you’re left feeling a little unfulfilled. I liken this to the feeling you get when  you have to microwave a cold roast dinner, the potential’s there, but it just ends up making you feel a little deflated instead.

Review by Ryan Spearman