THY FLESH – Thymiama Mannan by Anubis Dracul

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Odium records
Released: 2014
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Band line-up:

Cloven Hoof: guitars/vocals
Haemophillus: bass.


Track listing:

1.         Thymiama Mannan
2.         Final Nights
3.         Rape Magic
4.         Bloodsong
5.         Temple of Absinth
6.         Silver Tongue Devil
7.         Extremity Unbound



Thy Flesh were originally formed back in 2004 as a thrash band and later disbanded end of 2005. After a few years hiatus they officially reformed in 2011 and are now back taking a new direction in the form of Black Metal.

This album is great! It’s not over produced and has that raw B.M feel to it. You can still hear the old thrash influences in there, very much in the vein of Dissection, Satyricon, Dark Funeral with a hint of Euronymous era Mayhem! The vocals remind me of early Pestilence Van Durren era in parts, very atmospheric and dark, as B.M should be with excellent haunting lead melodies bringing out the mournful bleakness.

I couldn’t find one track I didn’t like on this album. If this bunch of blackened flesh carry on this path they will have a true B.M classic in the making along the line.

If you like your blackened dirge with raw power atmospheric bleakness than all hail THY FLESH!

Review by Anubis Dracul