Through Lucid Eyes stream “Transient” Prior to Release

The Canada-based quintet streams their newest EP prior to release.

Stream Transient in full here.

‘Transient’ is an EP that has an incredible amount to offer, and those with a thirst for proficient, elegant musicianship will be quenched here (Noizze, 2016).

Following up the two singles released in the past few months, Through Lucid Eyes is finally streaming their newest EP, Transient, in full via New Noise Magazine.

Through Lucid Eyes
Photo: Chelsea Felker

The Canadian quintet has skillfully leaned how to combine bone-crushing rhythms and vocals along with clean, melodic guitar lines and soaring clean vocals reminiscent of none other than ERRA’s very own Jesse Cash to deliver a stellar label debut. If you’re a fan of the Alabama-based Progressive Metallers, you can be sure you’ll be captivated by this intriguing, crisp and bouncy EP.

With mixing and mastering provided by Parallel Focus Studios’ Julian Rodriguez (former Elitist) in North Hollywood, and lyrics and production provided by the band, the group has paved the way for what seems to be their best release yet, which will be out this December 9th worldwide digitally, and physically.

More about the band: Through Lucid Eyes is an Canadian metalcore band from Cornwall, Ontario. Formed in 2012, the band consists of vocalist Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal, guitarists Ryan O’Grady and Zach Avery, bassist Cameron Bennett, and drummer Matthew Atchison. The name “Through Lucid Eyes” was inspired by the concepts of lucid dreaming and altered states of consciousness. In 2014 the band released their debut self-titled EP featuring guest appearances from Jesse Cash of ERRA and Carlo Knöpfel of Breakdown of Sanity. In 2015 Through Lucid Eyes signed to Famined Records and released the single “Echoes”. The members are currently gearing up for their brand new album, “Transient”, coming December 9th.

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“Transient” is out worldwide December 9th.
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