Then The Wave Came – A Vicious Retort (Single) by Lee Carter

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Unsigned
Released: 12th August 2014
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Then The Wave Came "A Vicious Retort"

Band line-up:

Richard Kane – Vocals
Ben Mitchell – Guitar
Sam Macklin – Bass
Luke Sohn – Drums

Track Listing:

1. A Vicious Retort



Kent’s ‘THEN THE WAVE CAME’ have present the musical embodiment of a slow-burning fire: building and building up before becoming an inferno. Their first EP, 2012’s “…Of Things To Come”, demonstrated a solid introductory statement with its slabs of groove, brutality and a refreshingly throat-shredding vocal performance. Here, they are passing from their past into their future for the upcoming album with the really rather vicious “A Vicious Retort” single.

Mixing their signature slams and groove with dissonant riffs and yet another superb vocal performance from frontman Richard Kane, the band’s first single will please many a fan of the extremities of metal, especially those of the death metal and deathcore persuasions. It’s not blisteringly fast, nor laden with finger-flaying technicality, but it is riff upon riff that switches attack before you’ve begun to numb to the previous. Like a frenzied attack, it can lack a bit of cohesion at times but the collective effort is pummelling all the same.

If this is THEN THE WAVE CAME’s statement of intent for the future, then the future looks good – more of this and the progressive elements their YouTube videos demonstrate and a wave of seismic proportions may level the underground metal world.

Review by Lee Carter