The Vintage Caravan – Arrival

Band Name: The Vintage Caravan
Album Name: Arrival
Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2015
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Band line-up: Pic

Óskar Logi – Guitar and vocals

Alexander Örn – Bass and backup vocals

Stefán Ari Stefánsson – Drums

  1. Last Day of Light 6:35
  2. Monolith 3:19
  3. Babylon 5:30
  4. Eclipsed 6:43
  5. Shaken Beliefs 4:36
  6. Crazy Horses 3:13
  7. Sandwalker 4:36
  8. Innerverse 6:50
  9. Carousel 4:27
  10. Winter Queen 8:45

The Vintage Caravan started out back in 2006 when the members were only twelve years old, but they didn’t get serious until 2009 at the ripe old age of fifteen. The band is based in the Greater Reykjavik area and has released three albums, their self titled album in 2011, their second album Voyage in 2014, and their newest Arrival, this year.

“Last Day of Light” has a hint of tribal drumming with great guitar playing that lets the riff hit you between the eyes, add in the sweet ’70s vibe, plus the sinewy vocals, and you have a fantastic start to the album. “Monolith” has thunderously heavy chords, a sexy strut that makes those kids who say they have “swag” look like babies learning to walk, this is the real deal here. The band shows a great talent for giving us that classic rock vibe that a lot of others try far too hard to play and mostly miss the mark with, but these guys hit it right on the head. Think about the big bands that started out back then, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and tons of others… these guys fit right into that mold. The guitar playing is thrilling, with amazing riffs, as well as being very melodic, the rumbling and thick bass really keeps it on the heavy side, but still can break out into a groove that gets your feet moving, the drumming is precise and meshes with the bass perfectly, and then the vocal, yes the vocals that are both gruff and delicate sometimes all in the same song. “Crazy Horses” has a dirty riff that hits you hard, the monstrous drums pounding away, the rumbling bass adding to the heaviness, and then the great chorus to make you want to shout along with them. “Sandwalker” has a touch of a ZZ Top sound to it at the beginning and then it bursts into a fuzzy screamer of a track that is amazing. “Carousel” has a terrific prog/classic touch that they do so well and is a standout track with a great bass solo, and this could definitely be a lost track from the glory days of rock music. “Winter Queen” closes out the album with an epic conclusion that is over 8 and a half minutes long and not one note is superfluous, with it being more of a slower track in parts that has a creeping build up and perfectly rounds out the album.

This trio, who is barely out of their teens really proves that you can be young and create fantastic music, you just need passion, and they have that in spades on this album. I just hope that they can continue on with their career making thrilling albums like this for a long time and garner the following that they so rightly deserve.

Review By: Rick Ecker