The Use Of Electricity During Sex, by Mistress Bea

Well, whom among us hasn’t thought about this and on occasions experimented in that direction, I can advise you against shoving a 9 volt battery up your blokes arse though. No matter how much lube you use those contacts are still just a little sharp and he tends to wake up in a bad mood. There are two basic types of sex toy utilising electrical current and they are :-
1) Violet wands. These are normally antique devices with a variety of glass attachments that make pretty purple sparks when brushed against skin. They tend to have a prickly feel as opposed to a tingly feel and can be used through clothing. The variety of sensations that can be achieved using these is dependant on the variety of attachments you have for them from combs to large globes. They can also be used for branding in certain circumstances although the lines you will get aren’t as clean as can be achieved through heat. They are quite expensive (but then everything fun is expensive nowadays, just look at the price of certain recreational medicine!!) and also quite delicate (think about the words “glass attachments” before you ask why)
2) TENS units. These were originally developed as a method of exercising muscles and also as a pain relief method and in their most basic form consist of a small box with two pads attached, again a wide variety of attachments are available if you go looking for them. Personally I love my double headed pinwheel and speculum that have been modified for TENS. TENS needs skin contact but tends to have much deeper tingle as opposed to the prickle of a violet wand and personally I prefer them. Putting one pad on each of you will lead to the circuit being completed where ever you touch which can lead to a lot of fun. If you don’t know why it would lead to fun then stop reading this column, if you don’t know why it would complete the circuit then stop thinking about using electricity for sex unless you’re happy to f*ck a plug socket on the wall. TENS will cause muscle spasms at higher levels as well as the deep tingle but as it also works as a pain relief method you can get very cruel, try wrapping it round your blokes shaft for a while and when you take the pads off he will have no feeling in his cock and be left unable to come for about 30 mins.
3) Improvised electrical sex toys can be made but due to legal requirements I must advise against them. For example do not think about getting a 4′ x 4′ sheet of copper, attaching the your mates car battery charger to the copper sheet and the hanging your long suffering slave upside down above with chains hanging form his nipples just long enough to brush across the copper and give them a bit of jolt. Also when they get dizzy from the blood rushing to their head you should not turn them the right way up and attach the chain to their genital piercing and watch them wriggle as you slowly turn up the current.
If you really want to know more about any of these things then there is obviously no substitute for actual experience so why not try visiting a proper fetish fair. My own favorite is not least because; they have such a cute logo.
Unfortunately I am contractually obliged to offer closing thought on this rather than just relying on your own intelligence to inform you that I have finished so here we go. If you are going to try making your own electrical discharge devices do please make sure that you have got written consent before you turn them on, plug them in or pull the start handle on the 2 stroke petrol engine and always remember Lube and Patience. It will get you through most things in life. Play safely now, although not too safely.