Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: IRL
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Released: 2015
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 Band line-up:

Gary McGuinness – guitar/vox
Tom Cook – Drums
Pete Agnelli – Bass


Never Let go
Living a Lie
This Feeling
Gave it all
Centre of the Universe
The Change


The Survival Code are here with their debut album MMXV. The three piece have been knocking around since the turn of the decade and the London based trio has released three music videos.

This is a record full of character and talent that sets The Survival Code apart. “Burning” has fantastic guitar playing and an amazing vocal performance from lead singer Gary McGuinness. “Never Let Go” has charging riffs, pounding drums and urgent vocals that pulls you into the mix. Throughout the album the strongest element is the emotional and thrilling vocals, used to compliment the instruments. “Rat Race” has complex drum work that is played to a slow pace. “This Feeling” has a slight grunge influence and is a faster song. “Gave It All” is a hands in the air song, soaring song. “The Change” has thrilling guitar leads and a powerful chorus. “Prisoner’ unravels with gritty sounding bass lines and edgy guitars. From here the band comes into full focus as they charge ahead with infectious grooves and plenty of vitality to keep listeners head banging along the way.

The Survival Code may not appeal to the more demanding ear, but what they demonstrate is that a commercial sounding rock album doesn’t necessarily come at the expense of having no substance. In this instance, the three piece deliver an electrifying piece of music that is both accessible and subtle in its execution.

Review by Rick Ecker