The Royalty – Lovers by Jo Blackened

Band line-up:
Nicole Boudreau . Vocals
Jesus Apodaca . Guitar
Will Daugherty . Bass
Daniel Marin . Keyboard
Joel Quintana . Drums

How I Like ‘Em
Please Lie
I Want You
Bottle Breaker
Mr. Hyde
Other Boys
Say The Word
Every Little Bit
Saint Bowie
Won’t Be Long

The Royalty are a female fronted indie-pop, rock alternative band with a 60’s feel and filled with amazing harmonies and soul, with a retro feel throughout.

The creative and talented band is comprised of singer Nicole Boudreau, guitarist Jesus Apodaca, bassist, Will Daugherty, keyboardist Daniel Marin and drummer Joel Quintana and has recently been named the new kings and queens of garage-pop and the El Paso, Texas, band’s the latest retro act to dig up their parents! And I can’t disagree there!

The band signed to label Victory Records in November 2011, who sent them on a six-week recording trip to L.A. to make this new album. Their latest is “How I Like ‘Em,”; is a demo the band released to celebrate the signing. The track shows off their instrumental talent and singer Nicole Boudreau’s beautiful voice!

It really is like going back to the 1960’s Rock and Roll with 1970’s soul influences, and will appeal to those who like Adele, Neko Case, Blondie, Sleigh Bells, The Cardigans and Adele. The sound is clear with great production with each member playing flawlessly, with every track flowing flawlessly into each other.

The band has managed to take old influences and bring it forward to present day, and although this won’t be an album which will appeal to everyone, it really does deserved to be heard!

I really found this to be an incredible album, filled with catchy tunes and one album you’d want to put on repeat and perfect for driving when the sun is shining, which isn’t very often in England!

With so many genres out there today, it is refreshing to hear something different and classic sounding, with tracks you can’t resist tapping your feet to!

The band will be on a North American throughout 2012 performing at multiple showcases at the 2012, including the 2012 Neon Desert Music Festival.