Following the recent signing announcement from Ritual Productions about The Poisoned Glass, a duo comprised of two members of the legendary doom band Burning Witch – vocalist Edgy59 and bassist G.Stuart Dahlquist – we are now excited to unveil a short film which features excerpts from their forthcoming spring 2016 album, 10 SWORDS.

Photo by Matt Koroulis
Photo by Matt Koroulis

The film entitled ‘The Final Act of Geng Yaoting’, by artist Richard Forbes-Hamilton, uses a mixture of oil painting and digital animation to tell a terrifying tale of the process between dreaming and dying; the conscious and unconscious. Made ever more chilling with Dahlquist’s droning detuned bass, siren-like organ and Edgy59’s unbridled and jarring tenor, the film offers sonic snippets of new The Poisoned Glass songs ‘Low Spirits’, ‘Toil and Trouble’ and ‘Plume Veil’.

G.Stuart Dahlquist comments on this visual and aural unison:

“When I was given the assignment of creating a visual pallet for ‘The Poisoned Glass’ the criteria was straight forward but daunting: select three songs, edit each to about a minute and a half in duration, create a moving visual representation, and finally submit the finished version for label approval and subsequent release. I do not take anything relating to TPG’s music (or any music I’m involved in) lightly. In thinking of a good visual pairing I wanted something beautiful, imaginative, thought provoking, and somewhat depressing, that would reflect effectively the isolation and despondency of Edgy59’s lyrics. Richard Forbes-Hamilton’s short film ‘The Final Act of Geng Yaoting’ came to mind almost immediately; a dream-scape set in three short chapters reflecting on a life and ultimate realization of what it means or doesn’t mean, to ‘be’.”

 What began as something of an experiment in 2010, The Poisoned Glass is now being revived, in full force, with the band also set to bring their haunting expanses to Roadburn Festival 2016. With this festival showcasing only the best in doom, drone, sludge and experimental heaviness, there is no better home for the duo’s disquieting offerings, with their debut live performance scheduled for Thursday 14th April. This and further European dates can be found below:

14th April – Roadburn / Green Room – Tilburg – NL
15th April – Magasin4 – Brussels – Belgium
16th April – Bastard Club – Osnabrueck – Germany
20th April – Blitz – Oslo – Norway
21st April – Kuudes Linja – Helsinki – Finland
…plus more dates to be announced in the near future